Mike: “Trump has made the Republican party into a new party, the ‘common sense party'”

“It’s awesome” declares Matt Boyle from Breitbart News Saturday about the holograms on Mike’s new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO in a SiriusXM interview with Mike at CPAC 2020. The hologram displays a photo of Mike looking very ragged then switches to a photo of Mike as he is today, a very successful entrepreneur.

The photo of Mike on his book cover

The ragged-looking photo came from an intervention that Mike’s drug dealers did. Mike was a functioning cocaine addict, but then he turned to crack, and it was all downhill after that. He had been up for 14 days when his dealers told him that they were cutting him off. When Mike asked if this was an intervention, they replied, “call it what you want.”

When Mike went down to the streets of Minneapolis, sure enough, he “couldn’t buy crack anywhere.” When he returned, one of the dealers said, “Give me your phone. I’m going to take a picture of you.” He continued, “You’ve been telling us for years that this MyPillow is just a platform for God and that you’re going to come back someday and help us get out of the addictions we have.”

Now, it’s come full circle. Mike quit on January 16, 2009, and two of the dealers now work for Mike and are born-again Christians. And that photo that the dealer took is the photo on Mike’s book cover.

This is what Mike’s memoir is about. ”It’s going to bring so many people hope.” Mike self-published his book, even buying the paper, and preprinted 3 million copies. The proceeds from the book are going to help addicts through his Lindell Recovery Network that will “destroy addiction in this country.”

Mike’s private meeting with Trump in 2016

Mike met then-candidate Trump in a private meeting on August 15, 2016. Mike “didn’t know anything about politics.” During the meeting, Trump noticed that Mike always wore his cross and asked if Mike was a Christian. Mike’s response was “yes, and this is a Divine appointment.”

They talked about Mike making products in the U.S. and how Trump was going to bring back jobs. Mike then talked about his addiction network. After the meeting, Mike “walked out of there saying that Trump is going to be the greatest president ever because of his common sense.”

Mike then talked to Trump’s employees. They all said the same thing as Mike, that “he’s the best leader.” Mike looked at what Trump was going to do, “businessman to businessman,” and thought, “Wow, it just makes so much sense.”

Getting the President re-elected is Mike’s first priority

President Trump just made Mike the Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign. Minnesota is, as Mike says, “ground zero for this country.” As an example, Mike states that “black unemployment is at an all-time low in the country. But Minneapolis has the highest black unemployment in the country.” Mike says that the reason for this is that “They’re not doing anything that the Trump administration is trying to put out there. They’re fighting back.”

Mike “didn’t know anything about politics” while he was an addict. But “when I came out of addiction, all these things were wrong. My friends were unemployed and everyone was losing their houses.” Mike “didn’t think politics had anything to do with our daily lives.” Mike hadn’t even voted. But now, “boy, I know now how politics affect everything we do.”

So for Mike, “getting the President re-elected is the first priority.” The next thing is to “get God back into our schools,” and to “wipe out addiction in this country,” a goal that is very dear to Mike’s heart.

Republicans haven’t won Minnesota since 1972, but Trump came within 45,000 votes of beating Hillary in Minnesota. So, Mike believes that there is a “100% chance” of Trump winning his re-election in Minnesota. In fact, Mike “gave the President my word, and he pointed me out on national TV and said, ‘Now Mike if we lose, it’s your fault.’”

Mike is going to spread the word and “take a red paintbrush and turn all of Minnesota red”

Mike is going to go to Minnesota towns and do “mini-rallies” where he “brings everybody out, Democrats and Republicans.” Mike will “tell them my story,” and how he “didn’t know about politics and how it works in your daily lives.” He will also talk about “how we have a President that not only is the best problem-solver but also has a gift from God so that he knows what will manifest in all phases.”

Mike wants to get the word out because “the media blocks the real truth.” So Mike wants to talk to people directly. And, to those on the left, he’s going to say, “Come on you guys. It’s okay. There are all these great things that got done and all the great times we’re living in right now, the best times ever.” Mike’s whole focus is to spread the word and “take a red paintbrush and turn all of Minnesota red.”

The Republican Party is now Trump’s “common sense party”

43% of Senate and House Republicans that were in office when President Trump took office are either gone or are leaving, and they are being replaced by Trump supporters. As Mike says, “they were part of the swamp.” Matt agrees, saying that “Trump has cleaned up the Republican party and made it stronger. There are no more Paul Ryan’s, there’s now Kevin McCarthy who’s doing a great job.”

Mike says that, with Trump, “It doesn’t matter if there’s an issue that’s traditionally Republican or traditionally Democrat. If the solution is over on the left, Trump is going to do that. He’s not going to worry about his politics.”

Mike sees that Trump has made the Republican party into a new party, the “common sense party.” Mike’s Christian values come first, and Trump has done “so much for Christianity.” Mike was at an evangelical event in Miami and proclaims that we “have a President that prays the most,” and “he’s done more for pro-life than anyone.” These are, as Mike says, “good things that are dear to my heart.”

Mike knows that Trump’s “heart is just there to help.” And that Trump is “not going to do stuff just to be elected. He’s just going to do what makes sense.” For Mike, the best thing Trump has done is to “smash political correctness because otherwise nothing would have gotten done, period.”

The MyPillow infomercial: “it’s going to be the biggest one in the world”

After Mike invented MyPillow in 2005, he was turned down everywhere including the box stores. So Mike ended up doing home shows and fairs for six or seven years.

Then, in 2011 Mike told his friends and family that they “should put our money together and do an infomercial. It’s going to be the biggest one in the world.”

People told Mike that he needed a movie star for the infomercial, but he decided to do the infomercial himself. The night before filming, Mike was doing his reads and a producer that was there texted, saying, “this is the worst guy I’ve ever seen. He’ll never make it on TV.”

Finally, they said, “can we just do it naturally?” So, they pulled the teleprompter down, and things went smoothly.

It aired on October 7, 2011. At that time, Mike had 10 employees. Forty days later, he had 500 employees. As Mike says, “things just exploded.”

Mike’s support for Trump and the MyPillow business

After Mike met Trump in 2016, he went all-in. Mike “couldn’t wait to get back to Minnesota to tell all the media.”

Mike told his board that he was going to do a press release about his support for Trump. They told Mike that “you’re going to ruin our company.” Mike responded, saying “we didn’t get all this way by me not listening to God. I’m doing that press release.”

After the press release, people called Mike a racist. After Trump won, the Better Business Bureau changed MyPillow’s rating from an A+ rating an F. But, that hasn’t affected the MyPillow business. As Mike says, “my busiest day at MyPllow is the day we are in. God just keeps rewarding me for taking the path I’m on and I’m never backing down.”

When people tried to boycott MyPillow, Mike quips that people said, “don’t boycott him. He’ll double his ads, and we see enough of that guy already.”

Success stories in this country were because of capitalism

Mike says that “you have a whole generation that didn’t have God and they got brainwashed into thinking that socialism is a good thing. I believe a lot of them don’t even know what it is. They think it’s being social. Let’s go have some coffee and we will all hang out.” Mike goes on saying that “even the Democratic party knows how bad that is.”

Mike points out that “there are so many examples worldwide where socialism hasn’t worked” and that the “success stories in this country were because of capitalism.” We have the greatest nation in the world. God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to get back to the common sense things that work here.”

Mike goes on to say, “look at my story. I went from a crack addict to sitting next to the President in the White House, the American dream.” When his friends saw him on TV, they said, “what is this ex-crack addict doing sitting next to the President?” Mike says, “Only in America. And, with God, all things are possible.”

Now, Mike has 1,600 employees and has sold 46 million MyPllows all made “right here in the United States.” Plus, Mike sees similar successes: “all around me, the jobs are coming back and we have careers, not just jobs.”

Read about how Mike beat addiction and became the American success story

You can read more about Mike’s amazing journey from crack addict to achieving the ultimate American Dream in his new book, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.

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