An interview with Mike Gallagher: Mike is now making desperately-needed face masks for hospitals across the country

“Mike, like a typical entrepreneur and a faith-based guy who has optimism, has stepped up in a big way,” says Mike Gallagher at the start of this interview with Mike.

Because Mike is now making desperately-needed face masks for hospitals across the country. Even his companies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and North Carolina are making face masks. So, Mike is “cranking them out” and believes he can make 40-50 thousand face masks per day.

“There is more to it than you think,” says Mike about converting MyPillow to make the face masks. We had to do “a complete switchover.” Plus elastic was hard to find, as there is a shortage of it. And then we found out that hospitals couldn’t use latex and so we had to do a complete switch from latex, which took about a half a day.

MyStore to sell products to fight the coronavirus

Mike is going to launch his MyStore platform next week. He wants to sell products such as a 24-hour hand sanitizer, an innovative product that will truly help in the fight against the virus.

This is history in action. During the Tylenol scare, where people were poisoning Tylenol, safety caps were invented. And now, safety caps are on everything. After 9/11 we implemented protections against terrorism which are still protecting us. And now, after this terrible pandemic, we will have created products, such as this hand sanitizer, that are going to help the world. So, if something comes along that is even worse, we will be prepared for it.

God gave Trump the power to find solutions

Mike believes that President Trump is “So amazing since God gave him the power to see a problem, find a solution, and know how it will manifest.” Mike thinks that there is “nobody better than the President to figure out the things that need to be put in place now and when we go back to work.”

And now, Mike is stepping up during this time of national emergency and putting into place great solutions that are going to help us fight this destructive coronavirus.