Being a success no matter the odds—Mike Lindell

MyPillow is making masks for our health care professionals

Partick Coffin starts this interview by talking about how MyPillow is helping during this dire coronavirus pandemic. For, Mike turned MyPillow around so that it is now making 40,000 masks/day for our health care professionals. In fact, Mike is planning on “making 50,000 masks/day – and beyond.”

It’s an amazing feat for an amazing cause!

Mike invokes Bible reading at the White House Coronavirus Briefing and “gets attacked”

Mike talks about how invoking Bible reading, encouraging people to be with their families, and thanking God for President Trump at the White House Coronavirus Briefing lead to “getting a lot of flack.”

But, as Mike says, “the good thing is that I heard that Bibles are selling out around the country.” So, the “word got out there.”

Mike believes that “this is the time for a great revival.”  For, people are “looking for hope” during this pandemic.

Mike’s new memoir

The interview goes on to talk about Mike’s new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. Listen as Mike talks about almost having his head cut off in Mexico, about other near-death experiences, and how God helped him through it all.

Then, for more intriguing details, buy the book now. You will be amazed, plus you will learn how to find hope for yourself.