“I double my ads every time they boycott me” plus a new film, Trump2024: Mike on Spicer&Co

“I double my ads every time they bad mouth me”

“I double my ads every time they bad mouth me,” Mike says about those that would boycott Mike due to his support of President Trump.

Mike goes on to say, “Here’s what happens. Everybody on the right buys more than they were going to buy before. And, the people on the left still buy. It’s that small, extreme group that says, ‘Let’s boycott them. I was going to buy 12 pillows and now I’m not buying any,'” to which Mike says, “You’re lying, you weren’t going to buy any pillows.”

“My business goes up every time something like this happens,” Mike says about the Goya Foods boycott, saying that he guarantees that Goya Foods “will be busier than ever.” And, Mike exclaims, how can they “be calling for a boycott just because the CEO is saying good things about the greatest president we’ve ever had?”

Mike says that in the end, boycotts raise consumer prices. For example, with TV advertising, when all the advertisers move to a different show, their advertising rates go up, which the consumer ultimately pays for.


Mike is one of the sponsors of Trump2024, a film coming out in September that will show what the world will be like with – and without – President Trump. Mike has a part in it, along with Franklin Graham, Samuel Rodriguez, Mike Huckabee, Robert Jeffress, Tony Perkins, Paula White, Jack Graham, Jack Hibbs, Star Parker, Dennis Prager, Brigitte Gabriel, and Eric Metaxas.

Mike believes the film will help “the biggest election in history,” which is why he is supporting it, since “the future of everything we have hinges on the election.”

Mike encourages all to be a part of this film and to donate because this will “give you the biggest bang for your buck.” So watch the 2024Trump trailer now and take action.