C-SPAN: President’s “Made in America” Roundtable

C-SPAN: President's "Made in America" Roundtable

Mike Lindell joined Donald Trump and other industry leaders in a “Made in America” roundtable which highlighted the importance of making products in America. This was part of the White House’s “Made in America” week.

Mike, sitting next to Donald Trump, heard the President give a wonderful endorsement of MyPillow pillows, saying that he “actually bought a couple of pillows, and they are very good – I’ve slept so much better ever since”.

Mike was the first industry leader to talk, and said he was very proud that “every part – even the cotton – is from the USA”. In fact, he said, even the call center is in America, right outside his door.  Mike then emphasized that when companies leave America, they not only affect American jobs but the jobs from the suppliers of that company.

Representative Eric Paulsen followed Mike, saying that he “sleeps on a MyPillow every night” and is proud to represent MyPillow and its employees.

Other industry leaders then followed Mike, demonstrating how American-made products truly can contribute to our economy.

Click to see the video: https://www.c-span.org/video/?431558-1/president-holds-roundtable-made-america-agenda