Catching up with Mike Lindell, The Lars Larson Show

Catching up with Mike Lindell, The Lars Larson Show, 8/30/17

Mike Lindell talks with Lars Larson about overcoming his drug addictions, his visits with Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s agenda and the Lindell Foundation.


  • Almost 8 years ago, Mike was a crack cocaine addict and had been using drugs and alcohol for almost 20 years. He prayed for release from his addictions, and on January 16, 2009, he woke up feeling an amazing peace, and has been sober ever since.
  • In the summer of 2016, Donald Trump asked Mike to come to the Trump Tower for a meeting on creating “Made in America” products and talk about the issues of the inner cities. Mike was very impressed with Trump at that time, saying that he felt that ”there was no other person on this planet I want as president”.
  • Mike went to the White House in July 2017 and sat right next to President Trump at the White House’s Made in America Roundtable. Mike saw that Trump has an “amazing agenda”, but also sees that Trump is getting fought on every level. Mike is still a believer and knows that Trump is going to get through it all and will prevail in getting all done so that our nation can come together.