An excellent article about Mike’s incredible life

This is an excellent article about Mike’s incredible life by Amy Felegy from Southwest News Media. Here are just a few highlights from the article:

  • Mike wanted to “help people, to give people hope.” So, after years of heads-down writing, Mike wrote his memoir, “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.
  • In his book, Mike tells his story from childhood in the 1960s; to alcohol, drug and gambling addictions, then finding release from all and going on to build the successful MyPillow company.
  • Mike’s book also shows a man who is dedicated to building his business, no matter what the odds. As you read the book, you can truly feel Mike living his motto: “Any entrepreneur out there can never give up, at every walk of life.”
  • Mike promised his friends that he would “Come back and help them all.” As part of that, all proceeds from his book are going towards his Lindell Recovery Network, which is “going to be the best online help in the history of addiction.” Mike “plans to employ thousands of ex-addicts that have ‘had their heart restored’ and help ‘millions of people.'”

An unbelievable story, and unbelievable book

“‘I never thought he would be where he is today, to be honest with you,’ said Joe Schmieg, who is now vice president of sales at MyPillow and who went to Chaska High School with Mike. ‘I’m still kind of numb over where MyPillow is today and how big and successful a company it is. I still can’t believe it.’”

Read this very informative article for more details:

Then read Mike’s unbelievable book, What Are The Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO.