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A documentary about how Mike Lindell, despite extreme money issues, drug addictions, and adversity, creates fame and fortune from his idea for a pillow and becomes the American success story.

Most people would have quit. But Mike has kept going despite the obstacles thrown at him. And, through it all, he has kept his sense of humor: he doesn't let negativity tear him down and has always had positive energy. And, because of his tenacity, Mike was able to get people to trust his dream.

Documentary Details

“The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream" documentary was shot at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To exemplify what Mike went through, the show was shot in a night show format, hosted by journalist, Jann Carl, with people from Mike's life telling their stories of Mike's struggles and successes. It is Mike's hope that through these stories and his life, others can follow in his path and have their own American dream.

As this documentary shows, Mike is the American dream success story. Watching this documentary can be an inspiration for all, as it shows that anyone with passion and drive and integrity for their product can do anything. And now, Mike's dream, MyPillow, is a platform for a bigger purpose in Mike's calling to God.