“Donald Trump is going to be our president for the next four years,” declares Mike in this Mike Gallagher interview

Mike starts this interview with Mike Gallagher by announcing that he is going to “match up to 200 kids” for those that donate to the Prison Fellowship. This charity is near and dear to Mike’s heart “because a lot of these families are going through a tough, tough time this Christmas, and, these kids didn’t do anything wrong, you know?”

Mike then turned to politics, declaring that he is “a hundred percent sure that Donald Trump is going to be our president for the next four years.” Towards that, Mike is going to be on a “Trump March” to “support our president.”

The march will start in Georgia, where Mike will speak on Friday, December 4th. They will then be going through Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and then to Washington DC, where there will be a variety of marches on December 12th.

Mike will be speaking at almost all these events, along with other “amazing speakers.” So, the march is going to be informative, will get the word out, and will get support against the “corrupt election” that just happened.

The election will be turned around, since “Pennsylvania is going to go to the Supreme Court” for “fraudulent votes” and processes “against our constitution,” Mike believes. So, Pennsylvania will be pulled down. Then, Georgia won’t be turning in their electoral votes because “there was so much corruption that went on there with the Dominion votes” which was “over the top.” Nevada will also be pulled back.

If these 3 states get pulled back, there would be less than 270 electoral votes going to either of the candidates. The election would then “go to the House, where 26 states will vote Republican,” and Trump would then win the election.

Trump’s lawyers have “more evidence than anything you’ve ever seen.” They say there are issues with “millions of votes” in “at least 25 states, such as “10,000 illegals voting.” Plus, “the Dominion thing is so corrupt.”

For the Senate, Mike is encouraging people to pray that the 2 Republican senators from Georgia, David Perdue and Kelly Leffler, get elected and that the election “doesn’t get stolen.”

If they don’t win, Mike believes that it will be “Biblical” times. You would have the “Green New Deal,” the Democrats would “pack the Supreme Court,” and make “Puerto Rico and DC states.” There would be “no limit” to the disasters that could happen.

As Mike says to Democrats: “This isn’t your party. That ship sailed a long time ago.”