“Everybody loves our President, some just don’t know it yet,” says Mike Lindell to Mike Gallagher at the Trump 2020 campaign kickoff

“I’m not sure anybody is a bigger rock star at today’s big Trump 2020 campaign kickoff than Mike Lindell,” declares Mike Gallagher in this interview with Lindell.

Mike Lindell was at the kickoff to see President Trump and “to work the crowd,” which is amazing since he grew up very shy.

Lindell had a lot to say about President Trump. He feels that Trump is a “Divine appointment,” saying, “God wanted me to go all-in,” so he started supporting the president “on faith.” And, since then, the MyPillow business has grown “ten-fold.”

And now, “so many people have jumped in (to support Trump) and say, wow, he did what you said he was going to do.” But, that doesn’t surprise Lindell, for, as he says, “I knew God had picked Trump. It has to be God when all the polls were wrong,” yet Trump got elected.

And now, President Trump has “smashed political correctness” so Trump could “get to where we’re at and start getting things done.”

Lindell says, can you imagine if “everybody would come on board and go hey, what’s so bad about having jobs, a high stock market, and good wages?”

And yes, there was Trump’s Access Hollywood tape, but Gallagher uses Lindell as an example of someone who has been in the “muck and the mire.” But, there is “such a thing in America as Redemption.” says Gallagher.

Lindell knows about redemption: he was a crack cocaine addict and, on January 16, 2009, he quit everything and has seen a transformation in himself. So, when he met President Trump, he could see that Trump was in an amazing transformation himself.

Lindell then goes on to tell the story about how President Trump gave him a shout out at the Fargo, North Dakota rally, calling him a “good businessman” and “a good media buyer” which raised his “popularity tenfold in this county.”

Due to this popularity, Lindell was able to go to the “US Bank Stadium and speak out for Jesus to 50,000 Millennials.”

And, that popularity was on display at this rally. As Gallagher says to Lindell: he “hears ordinary Americans who love this country who are Patriots and they love you.”

Lindell uses this popularity to talk to those on the left to “bring people to the middle,” saying “God uses everybody in different ways” and “we are all flawed,” so “don’t cast the first stone.”

As Mike always says, “Everybody loves this President, some just don’t know it yet.”