Face masks, advice to small business owners and addicts, and Mike’s memoir: an interview with the Daily Caller

Mike shares how he is making 50,000 highly-needed face masks per day plus has some sage advice for small businesses and struggling addicts in this informative interview with Daily Caller’s Maranda Finney.

MyPillow is now making 50,000 face masks/day

MyPillow is now making 50,000 highly-needed face masks/day. Mike converted 75% of the MyPillow factory to making masks. Plus, Mike took major steps to make sure that his employees “felt comfortable right away.“ So now, when employees come in, they immediately wash and sanitize their hands and put a mask on. Plus, everything is eight feet apart and employees can take breaks whenever they want so that they can go by themselves.” On top of that, Mike sanitizes “the whole 200,000 square-feet of the MyPillow factory.” So, it’s very safe.

Making the masks is “very labor-intensive.” In 8 hours, one person can only make about 120 masks. So Mike reached out to other people like the people he deals with for his toppers, and they all got involved.

The first masks went out to hospitals. Now, MyPillow is sending masks to first responders and nursing homes. Plus, MyPilow is starting to send the masks to businesses because, “obviously, every business should be very safe” when they reopen.

Make your business safe

Mike says that he chooses which gas stations and grocery stores to go to based on how well they are practicing safe practices. So his advice to a small business is: “make sure you’re doing everything to make not only your employees feel safe, but also to make your customers feel safe.” This will give your business “a competitive advantage.”

Mike “just knows that we’re going to get back to a good place very fast.” People are going to have “all this relief coming from the government.” So, there will be more people with money, plus “our President is going to protect us.”

Given this, Mike’s advice is to “keep the faith” since “we are all going to get through this” and “it’s going to be safer and we will have the strongest economy ever.” We are “all in this together” so this is “going to be a great uniter of the country. It’s going to be amazing.”

Mike’s advice to addicts struggling with addiction

Mike will be launching the Lindell Recovery Network which is going to be “the most amazing platform for addicts ever.”

Meanwhile, for addicts struggling with addiction at home right now, Mike encourages them to “reach out to friends of yours that have made it through” and ask them “how did you do it?” And then, “confide in them and ask them questions.” This will “give you so much hope.” Mike calls these friends “hope matches:” people that have made it through that you can trust because they are close to your own age and have the same addictions.

On the other hand, if you have made it through, “this is the time for you to reach out to your friends that are still caught in addiction.” We can “make this the biggest AA meeting in history, with Jesus as our higher power.” And this is why Mike feels that “this is going to be a part of the greatest revival ever.”

Mike’s new book: never give up the American dream

It took Mike seven years to write his new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. It is a book about faith, entrepreneurship, never giving up the American dream, and addiction, all wrapped into one. As Mike says, this book is “going to bring hope to all at this time in history.”

Mike self-published the book because he ‘didn’t want any middlemen” since all the proceeds are going towards launching Mike’s Lindell Recovery Network.

So, buy this book now to learn the lessons Mike learned and find hope for yourself while helping reduce addiction in America.