Find out why Mike’s book is called “What are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO”

Find out why Mike’s book is called What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO in this intriguing interview with Mike and the Dan Yorke Show’s John Loughlin. Mike tells the stories of his dismal days of drugs, addictions, and business failure, and how, through God and Mike’s own perseverance, he was able to shake this past and find the true American dream.

And now, Mike is working on another chapter of his life by working for President Trump’s presidential campaign which, as Mike says, “is amazing for me.”

Towards that, Mike has a new project where he interviews “Democrats that are switching, some who have never ever voted Republican.” Mikes says that they are switching because Trump has “taken the bad things out” of the Republican party and morphed it into “the common sense party.”

Mike has seen this “common sense” party deliver. Mike asked himself, “What’s going to bring me happiness?” and make a checklist. Towards that, Mike has seen that “Trump either went after these things, or tried to make them happen, or they have already come to fruition.”

Mike goes on to say that Trump is a “great businessman” who says, “what’s the problem here?” Then he’ll “get everybody in a room, get their opinions, take in the information, and then presents the solution.” And that, Mike says, “is a gift.”

So Mike is going full speed ahead to ensure that Trump gets elected. For, as Mike says, “Politics affects everything we do.”

Mike’s life is certainly inspiring. If you are trying to get out of addictions, or if you are an entrepreneur, or if you just want motivation, read his book and you too can take the actions needed to give you success.