Fox and Friends: 100% of ‘MyPillow’ is made in America

Mike Lindell was on Fox and Friends to talk about his upcoming visit to the “Made in America” roundtable at the White House.

Mike said that the then president-elect Donald Trump had reached out to Mike last summer to talk about made in America products, bringing jobs back, and the inner cities.

Most businesses want to manufacture their products outside of the US, as they feel it will impact their bottom line, but Mike says it is rewarding to help people by having products made in America, and that relationships are important. Plus, he said that businesses can get trapped by overseas delays, freight costs, and quality issues when they move their manufacturing outside America.

Mike also mentioned the impact to America when the jobs are moved. When a company leaves America, their suppliers (and their workers) must follow – it is a domino effect.

Although businesses can use the “Made in America” label if 70% of their product is American made, MyPillow’s products are 100% American made. Even the cotton is grown in America.

And, Mike is living the American dream as a true self-made success story with an American-made company. He started the MyPillow company with his whole family making the pillows by hand and selling the pillows at home shows and fairs. Mike even had to learn to sew! Now, MyPillow is a multi-million-dollar company employing 1500 workers.

“MyPillow is “Proof that products made in the USA by American workers can lead to prosperity.”