FOX Business: MyPillow gets endorsement from President Trump

FOX Business: My Pillow gets endorsement from President Trump

Mike is interviewed on FOX Business by David Asman about Mike’s participation in the White House’s “Made in America” roundtable.

During the roundtable, Donald Trump gave a great MyPillow endorsement, saying that he “actually bought a couple pillows, and they are very good – I’ve slept so much better ever since”. Mike says it was an honor to go to the White House, sit next to the President, and hear his endorsement.

Mike goes on to emphasize how MyPillow is 100% made in America. – even the cotton is grown in America. Mike says that he was never tempted by the low wages overseas, as his heart goes out to help people, and he finds it rewarding to see 1500 employees and families that are getting careers, not just jobs.

Make also talks about his crack/cocaine addiction that ended on Jan 16, 2009: Mike asked God to be released from his addictions, and God freed him.

David Asman said that his father even bought four MyPillow pillows, and that the pillows do work great. And, as Mike says, yes – “30 million people can’t be wrong”.