From addiction to success to helping other addicts: Mike’s interview on Family Matters Radio

Mike tells the story about how his drug dealers actually had an intervention with him saying, “You know, you’ve been telling us for years that the pillows are just a platform for God and you’re going to come back someday and help us all out of the addictions in this world.” And, as you can hear in this interview with John Rustin from Family Policy Matters Radio, it turns out the dealers were quite prophetic.

For, Mike Lindell had struggles with intense drug addictions and, through God, found freedom from his addictions, found entrepreneurial success, and then went on to found the Lindell Recovery Network to give other drug addicts the hope and tools they need to become clean and sober, like Mike.

Mike had a cocaine addiction for about 20 years and then switched to crack cocaine in the early 2000’s. While doing drugs, Mike invented the MyPillow in 2004 and went on the road to do home shows and fairs.

But during this time, Mike’s addictions were bad. In fact, after being up for 14 days, Mike’s drug dealers had the intervention and totally cut off Mike’s access to all drugs.

Soon after that, Mike found out that he was not hiding his addictions like he thought he was: his son told him that he couldn’t stay with Mike anymore due to his addictions. This hit Mike hard, as he realized that his addictions were now affecting others.

Next, a friend who was Mike’s equal came to him saying the “Lord led me here.” This friend had started cocaine at the same time as Mike, then both had started crack cocaine at the same time. This friend had been clean for 3 years and was a person that Mike felt comfortable with, so could ask questions about drugs such as, “Is it (quitting drugs) boring?” (It’s not).

Finally, Mike said a prayer to God saying: “I want to wake up in the morning and never have the desire for these drugs or alcohol or anything again.” And when he woke up the morning of January 16, 2009, the desires were gone, and he has been clean and sober ever since.

After that, Mike experienced tremendous success: he increased the home shows and fairs, then radically expanded the MyPillow business through the famous infomercials that everyone now knows him for.

But, Mike didn’t quit there. Based on his experiences, Mike is now creating the Lindell Recovery Network. Just as Mike was able to find hope from a friend that was an equal, Mike is going to give people the Lindell Recovery Network app where they can put in their age and the drug that they are addicted to. They will then see a ton of stories of hope from addicts just like them who have found success.

The addicts will then be presented with treatment centers selected from over 3,500 Christian recovery organizations that Mike has personally vetted.

And to ensure the addicts stay clean and sober after treatment, Mike is going to have paid mentors for them. So, for example, if an addict has a relapse due to some family issues, he can go to the Lindell Recovery Network app and do a search, for example, for “kids not talking to me,” and someone who has successfully gone through a similar issue will be there to talk to them.

Mike says, “There’s no better mentors and counselors than people that have been through it and have been saved.” And, Mike has been through it, has been saved, and is now going to go on and save a multitude of other addicts.