From crack addict to CEO (and more): Mike talks about his life on theTHREE with Laura Harris Smith

Mike describes his journey of going from “crack addict to CEO” (and more) with Laura Harris Smith from He talks about his severe money issues, adversity, and drug addictions. Yet, through perseverance and a lot of help from God, he was able to achieve the MyPillow success of today. Along the journey, Mike also becomes involved with President Trump, plus creates the Lindell Foundation that will help other addicts, as well as others in need. See other amazing shows like this on theTHREEtv.


  • MyPillow came to Mike in a dream: Yes, it was a dream that gave Mike the idea for MyPillow. However, once he created the MyPillow, it took a ton of fortitude and ingenuity to overcome severe money issues and adversity. But, through it all, he was able to obtain tremendous success – while overcoming drug addictions along the way.
  • Why Mike wears the cross around his neck: Mike had cocaine/crack cocaine addictions for 20 years. During part of that time, he was selling MyPillows on the road. His crack addiction got so bad that his drug dealers actually had an intervention with him. Then on January 16, 2009, Mike prayed to God and said, “All right, here’s the deal. If you free me of these addictions so I do not have the desire for the drugs, I’ll do this (pillow) platform. I’m all yours, you know.” And, he woke up without “any desire at all” and has been clean and sober ever since.
  • Mike dreamed of a Trump meeting: Mike thought it was really wild when he dreamed of seeing Donald Trump in an office meeting. But, sure enough, Mike met with Trump in Trump Tower on August 15, 2016, where they talked about God and the inner cities. Since then, Mike has gone to the Presidential debates and even joined Trump’s Made-in-America Roundtable.
  • MyPillow was a platform from God: Even when Mike was using drugs, he felt that the MyPillow was a platform from God that would enable him to help others. Towards that, Mike created the Lindell Foundation, where 100% of your money passes through to the need you choose, and you get to hear about the difference you made in other’s lives.

As Mike says: “What are the odds, from crack addict to CEO. And, what I want to do with my money is to have it all go to my foundation…that platform is for me to help people, and helping people has always been my passion.”