“Hang on to that hope,” says Mike in this interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly about coronavirus

“Hang on to that hope”

“Hang on to that hope,” says Mike during this inspiring interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly where Mike talks about President Trump and faith during this coronavirus crisis.

Mike says that he was in touch with the President at the White House during Black History month and has been in contact with his friend, Dr. Ben Carson. Plus, as a businessman, Mike understands the impact of coronavirus on businesses.

Mike says that “before everything happened, the President gave us great hope by putting jobs back into the economy. People need to hang on to that hope.” Mike goes on to say that “When we get out of this, we’re going to have put many things into place so when we do have something like this again, we will know what to do, we will be better prepared. So, good things will come out of this.”

“We are all in this together, we’re suffering and people are waiting to get their jobs back. But right now, everything is being done to save lives and have enough hospitals and beds to help the people that really need it.” Mike believes that “we are going to get through this. We’re going to have a lot of things put into place, like sanitizing, washing your hands, and all the things that we got a little complacent about thinking, ‘Hey, this is never going to affect me.’”

The crisis will “get people to faith because we need to have faith”

Greg asked Mike what his advice would be to people who are asking, “Why would God do something like this?”

Mike answers that “God’s will is in the Word.” So, “stay in the Word during this time, read your Bible, and be proactive in prayer. This is an opportunity for one of the biggest revivals ever.” For, this crisis will “get people to faith because we need to have faith.”

“We don’t know why things happen and why things don’t happen, but God knows. And, we don’t need to question why. Let’s just keep the faith. There are reasons for it and whatever those reasons are, we’re going to get through it because, with God, all things are possible.”

Mike believes that this “is an opportunity to unite us as a country and to unite us all in our faith which we’re going to need to get through this.”

More about Mike’s faith

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