“Hope is what we need”: Mike Lindell on WRKO AM680 Radiothon for DAV

“Hope is what we need,” says Mike Lindell in this interview on WRKO AM680 Radiothon for DAV (Disabled American Veterans). And, Mike’s story and his support for others certainly prove that point.

Mike’s Story

Mike is riding high right now, but he never forgets that he’s been at the bottom. So Mike’s “heart is to give back” and help people that need help. And, DAV is one of those organizations that helps out.

Mike invented the MyPillow in 2004 and quit all his addictions, including his crack cocaine addiction, on January 16, 2009. Because of his addictions, it is a miracle in itself that the MyPillow is even here. But, Mike was able to overcome his addictions and find success through Jesus Christ. He knew he had a bigger calling, and he found that calling through faith. And now, Mike is fast approaching 10 years of sobriety and has the successful MyPillow platform.

Spreading his story of hope

So now, Mike is spreading his story of hope and his “surrender and transformation” to others. He just spoke to 100,000 at a Pulse Movement event at the Texas Speedway about his story and earlier this spring to 50,000 people at the US Bank Stadium at another Pulse event. This, despite the fact that Mike started doing drugs because he had a fear of rejection and feelings of unworthiness so he felt he needed the drugs to overcome his fear of talking to people.

Mike hopes that his story gives others hope. For, as Mike says,  “through faith, I got through it and today, I have 1,600 employees.”

Mike is also working on spreading hope with his Lindell Recovery Network™, a platform that “will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Helping Veterans

Mike was at the White House to talk about his Lindell Recovery Network™ and the opioid crisis, an issue many veterans face. While there, Mike was able to see that President Trump “has a great heart for veterans.” And, Mike was able to witness Trump sign a major 800-page opioid bill, which will help veterans – and all – with their opioid addictions.

Help is much needed for our veterans. Many, like Mike, do have great stories of hope, for they got through some very hard times and found their calling. Organizations like DAV can help others find hope. Towards that, Mike announced a $2,000 personal donation to DAV. You can do your part and give hope to our veterans by donating to the disabled American veterans through DAV.

Hope is what we need

So, as Mike says, “hope is what we need“, and he is spreading his story hope, as well as creating a platform of hope, so veterans – and everyone – can find hope to overcome drugs in their life.