Mike interview with Mike Gallagher: “Everybody loves our President, some of them just don’t know it yet”

“Everybody loves our President, some of them just don’t know it yet,” says Mike Lindell in this insightful interview with Mike Gallagher on The Mike Gallagher Show.

Mike’s “divine appointment” with President Trump

Mike Gallagher starts out, saying that “President Trump is going through a lot: there are Republicans who aren’t on board with him. There are Democrats, of course, who are fighting him tooth and nail, and then there is the mainstream media. How does he take this?

According to Mike, “There’s nobody like him that can take all that. That’s why God picked him for such a time as this.” And Mike knows for he has known Trump for several years. It started when Mike had a dream in 2015 that he would be meeting Trump. And then, Trump miraculously reached out to Mike in the summer of 2016 for a private meeting at Trump Tower.

And the first thing Trump talked about was the fact that Mike always wears a cross. To which Mike answered that indeed, he is a Christian and that the meeting “is a Divine appointment.” Mike said that Trump “was proud of my company” because everything at MyPillow is made here in America, and Trump appreciates that because he is a builder and an entrepreneurial businessman.

Trump gives Mike a shout-out

Mike then went to many Trump rallies over the last several years, and also spoke at many. And then, at a North Dakota rally, while Mike was in the audience, Trump said:

“You ever see this guy with the pillows on Fox? Mike is the greatest. I have never seen so many ads for so long. And first of all, he does make a great product, great pillows. I actually use them, believe it or not.”

Mike said that hearing that from Trump was “surreal.” Trump went on to talk about the fact that Mike was a good businessman and a good ad buyer, which Mike says “was such an honor.” In fact, Trump’s comments went viral, and Mike was actually getting calls from as far away as Israel and Australia.

Later, Mike had a one-on-one with Trump where Mike thanked him for the shout out. At the meeting, Mike said, “you know one of the newspapers you don’t like called me the next day and said, ‘after the president did that shout out for you, you must have sold a lot of pillows.’ And I said no, this wasn’t about selling pillows.”

Mike went on to say that he told the reporter that is wasn’t about sales, “It was about me being a good businessman, so my popularity went up threefold. So I’m now able to go out and speak out for Jesus as I did at US Bank stadium to 50,000 Millennials.”

When the president asked, “what did you say then?” Mike said that the reporter said goodbye and hung up on me.” The reporter never printed the story. And Mike says that “the media doesn’t want to hear the good things, the amazing things, and it’s so sad.’

Mike went on to say, “The strength, the wisdom, the discernment and the competence of our president is amazing. We are so blessed to be in such a time as this and to get something that’s so good. Of course, you’re going to get attacked, and I believe there is evil and good.”

How can Mike, a Christian, support Trump?

Trump is not a saint, he is not a pastor. So, there are many people who are confused about Christians who support Trump. What does Mike say to that?

Mike said that he is a born-again Christian. And, after his first meeting with Trump, he “walked out of his office on August 15, 2016, and I said ‘wow’.”

And Mike “would want no one on this planet to be my president other than Donald Trump. And I truly believe God uses people, and there was only one person he could use for this and it’s Donald Trump.”

After the meeting, Mike talked to Trump’s employees. And, “it was like talking to one of my employees. I tell people that, ‘I know him and his heart is to help people and to help the country, and it’s real. There’s no phoniness about it’.”

And what does Mike think about Trump’s indiscretions? Mike’s answer is that he “was a cocaine addict for 20 years and a crack addict for 9. But I quit everything overnight January 16, 2009, by the grace of God, and I’m in a transformation, an amazing transformation.” Mike went on to say that Donald Trump must be in some amazing transformation himself because (the indiscretions) were 11 years ago.”

And Mike emphasizes that the Bible talks about “who should throw the first stone.” And Mike relates that “We all have a past. Our president has got an amazing heart. He’s an amazing Christian man. And he’s got a heart of gold that wants to help people.”

Mike knows Trump is popular

Mike has seen how popular the president is. When Mike was at the Minnesota State Fair everyone (except 2 people) came up to Mike and said, “Oh Mike, we are so proud of your transformation, and tell the president we have his back.”

To the two people that did not like Trump, Mike said, “I’ve met him. I said then you’re telling me I make bad decisions.” With that, the two left.

Consumer confidence is over the top right now

Mike feels that if you take the media out of the picture and ask the people on the street if they have seen a change, they will answer that they are “employed now, they’re happy now, they have consumer confidence.”

Mike goes on to say that, “There are careers being formed out and people opening businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, taking chances. The president brings a confidence to this country and to the consumer, confidence is over the top right now.”


“Why would you not like this, this is amazing, this is absolutely amazing, it’s Hallelujah. This is what we’ve been praying for. Let’s go. Let’s unite this country and let’s all get in this together and take the politics out of it and end all this hate.”