‘I was an…addict’: Inside Mike Lindell’s amazing transformation

mike lindell pureflix

Don’t miss this Pure Flix article about Mike’s transformation, for: “many people are likely unaware of the iconic pillow magnate’s incredible backstory of overcoming addiction, finding faith and using his massive platform to help transform the lives of others.”

Mike was severely addicted to crack cocaine. Although God helped him overcome all his addictions, Mike did not do a full surrender to Jesus until 18 years later. As Mike says: “so there’s quite a story in between where God was still chasing me.”

Now Mike can be found traveling the country, spreading his inspiring story of transformation and his Christian faith. Plus, Mike is using his MyPillow platform to promote good.

One of the beneficiaries of Mike’s faith and the MyPillow platform is the Unplanned movie, a film about Abby Johnson, a staunch anti-abortion crusader. Mike is an executive producer of the film and he has a cameo in the film.

Mike’s reaction to the movie is: “I really believe you’re not just saving the unborn and the babies, but the peoples’ hearts are changing and healing. It was God. Everybody who was involved in that movie, God put them there.”

Don’t miss the inspiring Unplanned movie, currently playing at a theater near you.


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