“I will give you rest”: an inspiring Salvation Army article about Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell Salvation Army Story

Read this inspiring Salvation Army article, “I will give you rest”, about Mike’s miraculous journey from recovering from  his addictions (including crack cocaine) to running “one of the world’s most successful companies.”

That’s not all though, as this article details, Mike is also helping former addicts like himself; plus going to the White House to support American-made businesses and address the opioid epidemic; plus spreading the word of God and hope to thousands of people, like his talk to 50,000 people at the US Bank stadium.

It is an amazing life that just keeps getting better. Just how does Mike do it? Well, as he says:

“That wasn’t me, that was all Jesus. It’s one thing to go to church or to pray when things are bad, but to have that relationship with Jesus, that’s where it’s at. That’s what changes everything.”

Read all the details about Mike’s inspiring story in this excellent article.

Do you need help with addictions?

If you or someone you know needs help with their addictions, Mike encourages you to get help from The Salvation Army, he says it is “the most amazing program I’ve ever heard… a lot of the stuff that works in addiction, The Salvation Army is already doing based on Jesus. I’ve talked to people in the field and done my own due diligence and I think they’re the best in the country.”


Read more at https://saconnects.org/i-will-give-you-rest