Is Mike running for Minnesota governor?

“What if I’m the only guy?” says Mike in this Minnesota Sun article by Anthony Gockowski about Mike’s possible run for governor of Minnesota. Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Mike is open to running for governor: Mike has alluded to the fact that he could run for governor of Minnesota, saying that he is “warming up to the idea of running,” and suggesting he would make a “dream candidate” for Republicans, given his fame, wealth, and inspiring life story.”
  • He’s doing his due diligence: Mike is talking to governors throughout the country to see “what the job entails – what can you do, what can’t you do.” For, he says that “I’m not going to go into anything that I think I could fail at or that I wouldn’t have a passion to do.”
  • Mike floated the idea of launching a third party called the “common sense party”: Mike considered a third party run, but realized that President Trump has already created a new Republican party which he likes. And with Trump’s party, “Look at all these things Trump is getting done despite being attacked by both parties.”
  • Mike wants to be a dream candidate for everyone: Mike wants to be known as a “uniter” and fix issues such as Minneapolis’ black unemployment rate, which is the worse rate in the country. “The politics, I know now how it affects our daily lives,” Mike said. “When I came out of addiction, all these people I knew had lost their houses, they lost their jobs. They didn’t know how to handle this. I knew how to handle it because I’ve been through so many things.”

So, keep watching as Mike does his due diligence before announcing his intent. Meanwhile, read all the details in this excellent article here:

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