“Jesus is my CEO”, media attacks, and “the greatest revival in history”: Mike’s interview on the Faith on the Field show

Rob Maaddi from the Faith on the Field show starts this interview by saying:

I wasn’t aware of Mike’s strong faith until I saw him at the White House speaking at a news conference from the Rose Garden on March 30th. I loved how he used that platform to urge people to use this time at home during this global pandemic to get back into the Word, read the Bible, and spend time with our families.

Mike feels blessed to be able to produce 50,000 masks/day

Mike first talks about how MyPillow is producing “up to 50,000 face masks per day” and how they are sending them to hospitals and nursing homes. As Mike says, it is “very rewarding” and he is “blessed to help out.”

This is the time for the “greatest revival in history”

When “the good Lord” freed Mike from his addictions in 2009, he looked around and found that “everything had changed.” His friends were unemployed, the nation had “turned its back on God,” and “God was completely taken out of our schools.” Plus, the existence of gay marriages caused Mike to exclaim: “A marriage in the Bible is between a man and a woman, so call it something else.” Mike found all of this very disturbing.

So, at the Rose Garden, Mike to the opportunity to tell people that “we are going down a bad path,“ and that “God gave us grace,” so people should “read their Bibles and spend time with their families.”

Beyond this, Mike believes that this is a good time to “reach out to our friends that are looking for hope and don’t have God, don’t have Jesus, and aren’t reading their Bibles.” Because this is the time for “the greatest revival in history.”

Mike “knows he is doing the right thing” when media attacks him

Rob says that “the enemy attacks from so many angles. He’ll use the media, he’ll use whoever to attack us.”

Mike replies that when he hears “media bad-mouth me,” he just “knows he is doing the right thing.” He will “double down” and he’s “not going to change who I am,” he’s “not going to change my beliefs.”

Mike goes on to say that he ”actually hopes the media doesn’t stop because a hundred people will attack” each person in the media who attacks Mike.

Mike encourages everyone to speak out, saying, “You know, we’ve stayed silent as Christians for too long. It’s just time to reach out.”

“Jesus is my CEO”

Mike then goes on to talk about how the low esteem he had as a child was the root of his cocaine, then crack cocaine addictions. He was able to invent the MyPillow while addicted. However, it wasn’t until he got over all his addictions through God that he was finally able to get the tremendous success he has now.

Years after his sobriety, Mike did a full surrender to God. Given this, Mike says, “Jesus is my CEO…and now, I can go out and evangelize to stadiums full of people and talk about what my real calling is, to speak out for Jesus.” And, as part of that, “God gave me a big platform the other day at the Rose Garden.”

Jesus saved Mike from his addictions

Jesus saved Mike from his addictions and led Mike towards tremendous success with his MyPillow platform. Discover all the details by reading his new book, What are The Odds? From Crack Cocaine to CEO. and find hope for yourself.