Kinship Christian Radio: Mike Lindell’s dreams from God

Kinship Christian Radio: Mike Lindell's dreams from God

Listen to how Mike’s many dreams from God have shaped Mike’s life in this inspiring report from Kinship Christian Radio.

MyPillow comes to Mike in a dream

In 2005, while living as a crack cocaine addict, Mike says that God gave him one of the many dreams he would have in his life. That dream was the name “MyPillow”. Mike wrote that name all over the house. When his daughter came up and saw the MyPillow writing, she asked him what he was doing, to which he said: “I’m going to make this pillow and it is going to change the world.” His daughter simply replied, “That’s really random, Dad.” But Mike did invent that pillow after working almost 2 years, trying many things before he finally found the perfect foam, which he later patented.

Mike’s enthusiasm wasn’t met by the suppliers in stores which made for a rough beginning. But then, a customer who ran the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show said that MyPillow was “a miracle that helped him sleep,” and offered Mike a booth, which proved to be a launching point for MyPillow.

Mike has a dream about an infomercial

God gave Mike another dream about an infomercial, which is the reason “why most people know Mike and MyPillow”. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 5 employees to 500 in 40 days. As Mike says, “It was phenomenal, it was a miracle.”

Mike has a dream of $8 million in the bank

By the summer of 2014, MyPillow was within 2 days of going under. Mike then had a dream where he saw MyPillow having $8 million in the bank by the end of the year. Mike knew that this dream was from God also, so instead of shutting down, he built a new factory.

Mike surrenders to Jesus

Mike also met a woman during 2014 who had a relationship with Jesus that Mike wanted to have. So finally, on February 18, 2017, Mike did a full surrender to Jesus.

This has to be God

Mike had to meet President Trump and see all the miracles before Mike finally said, “Wow, here I am, friends with the President of the United States, this has to be God. This crack addict from Minnesota could not be put into this national position of helping the country, the President, and the inner cities without help from God.”

And Mike is now using the platform that God gave him to establish an addiction recovery network and to help fund a new pro-life film.

So, Mike is truly living his belief that “With God, all things are possible”.


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