Mark Lindell on being clean and sober for 10 years on the Sean Hannity Show

Ten years ago, Mike was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. But then, through God, he got clean and sober on January 16, 2009. Listen to the details in Mike Lindell’s enlightening interview on The Sean Hannity Show.

Mike was able to get clean and sober. But, there are many more out there who need treatment from their addictions. Towards that, President Trump signed an 800-page bi-partisan opiate bill which will help stop the drugs from coming into the United States and will help people who are addicted.

For, many have died from opiates. In fact, people very close to Mike have died from drugs within the last year. Towards that, Mike has spoken to 50,000 millennials in Texas and 30,000 millennials in Minneapolis about finding God and leading a clean life away from drugs.

Mike quit with the help of God, so he knows that addicts need to get help in faith-based treatment centers. Addicts also need hope. Towards that, Mike’s story can bring hope.

Plus, Mike is starting the Lindell Recovery Network™, a revolutionary platform that will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Drugs can take over your soul, your mind, and your heart. But, as Mike’s story shows, it is possible to quit your addictions, and you can do it before you (or your kids) lose their lives. Everyone is worth having hope and opportunity given to them.

Do you need help with your addictions?

If you are an addict, go to The Salvation Army or Teen Challenge. You will get the help you need. They are the best centers in the world and, since they are donor based, you don’t need money or Rule 25 funding.

Do it now, before it takes over you. Just know that, as Mike says, “With God, all things are possible.”