Mike talks about his life, God, and President Trump on the Mark Levin show

Mike Lindell speaks out about his faith and how God turned his life around, empowering him to go from “Crack...

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Media interviews at the Unplanned Movie Premiere Red Carpet Event

Media interviews at the Unplanned Movie Premiere Red Carpet Event in Hollywood! Unplanned was released to over 800 theaters nationwide...

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Unplanned Official Trailer – In Theaters March 29, 2019

Unplanned hits Theaters Nationwide March 29th! Unplanned, a film that Mike is an Executive Producer of (and has a cameo!)...

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Mike shares his inspirational story at Liberty University

Mike shared his inspiring story of going from being a crack cocaine addict to achieving his tremendous  MyPillow success on February...

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Trump Is keeping his promise to solve the opioid crisis, by Mike Lindell

Excellent article by Mike Lindell about how President Trump is helping the opioid crisis, and how the Lindell Recovery Network...

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Trump: ‘MyPillow guy’ should be my ad buyer

Mike Lindell was branded by President Trump as someone that "makes great deals." In fact, Trump actually said that Mike was so...

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CBS Sunday Morning: The Story of MyPillow

Mike says that “MyPillow is a vehicle for a greater calling, that his success is a gift from God." But,...

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The Preposterous Success Story of America’s Pillow King

Mike's entrepreneurial success story actually starts in a crack house. Although he had already started his MyPilllow business, his turning...

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WhiteHouse.gov: President Trump Leads Made in America Roundtable

Mike Lindell joined the "Made in America" roundtable that was hosted by President Trump, Vice-president Pence, Department of Labor Secretary...

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CNBC: How this entrepreneur went from a crack addict to a self-made multimillionaire

Don’t miss this CNBC video about Mike Lindell! There are some interesting views of the MyPillow factory as well a...

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Mike Lindell Shares Testimony and Gets an Award at NRB Convention

Mike Lindell shares his testimony and gets the Presidents Award at the National Religious Broadcasters’ (NRB) Media Leadership Dinner. Throughout his life,...

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From crack cocaine to Mar-a-Lago: The unusual journey of the MyPillow man

Read about Mike's amazing story in The Washington Post's article, From crack cocaine to Mar-a-Lago: The unusual journey of the MyPillow...

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Rest easy, Minnesota; Trump is winning for us: A Mike Lindell Article

"Take it from a guy who knows all about how to rest easy. We can all rest easy with Trump...

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Mike Lindell at the Red Carpet for Unplanned

On March 19, 2019, Mike attended the Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood for the Unplanned Movie that is released Nationwide...

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Mike Lindell praises President Trump at CPAC

Mike praises President Trump as the "greatest president in United States' history" at CPAC. Towards that, Mike points out the...

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Tucker Carlson Hosts Mike Lindell on Fox News

Tucker Carlson talks to Mike about his investment of $1 million in the pro-life movie, UnPlanned. Mike even has a...

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Mike Lindell with Lara Trump

Mike Lindell talks with Lara Trump about how President Trump has given America economic freedom: "Everyone now has jobs and can...

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Mike Lindell’s #10YearChallenge: 10 Years Sober!

Celebrating my 10 years of being free from addictions 10 years ago today (Jan 16, 2009), I was freed from...

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Mike Lindell at President Trump rally in Rochester, MN for local candidates

I was honored to speak at President Trump's rally in Rochester, Minnesota. Our next great Attorney General Doug Wardlow gave...

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Mike shares his testimony with Nick Hall to over 50,000 people at the Pulse event

Mike shares his testimony with Nick Hall and over 50,000 people at an amazing Pulse event. And during this event,...

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Latest Media

Mike Lindell on CNBC Strange Success with Jane Wells Podcast

Jane Wells talks to Mike Lindell for her CNBC Strange Success Podcast series which is about people who have come... Read More

Mike talks about his award, VP Pence and more with KQRS’s Tom Bernard

KQRS's Tom Bernard starts his interview with Mike by chastising Mike for not telling him about getting the Presidential Award at... Read More

Trump Endorses Supporter’s ‘My Pillow’ During North Dakota Rally: ‘I Actually Use Them Believe it or Not’

President Trump gave a major shout-out to Mike Lindell and his MyPillow, declaring that "I actually use them, believe it... Read More

The largest pillow fight ever: Mike Lindell on The Michael Medved Show

The largest pillow fight in human history happened a few weeks ago, with 66,000 people fighting with MyPillows, as Mike... Read More

Mike Lindell’s Amazing Story: From crack cocaine to redemption with Carrie Abbott

Mike Lindell tells his story to Carrie Abbott about getting a dream "Straight From God" in 2004 to create his... Read More

Pillow fights, Israel, and Mike’s in a movie: an interview with Tom Barnard on KQRS

50,000 free MyPillows, beating the pillow fight record in the Guinness Book of World Records, AND Mike's Israel trip where... Read More

A world-record pillow fight and help for addicts: Mike’s interview with Joe Piscopo

Mike broke the record this weekend: a pillow fight world record with 46,000 people using MyPillows. This, plus Mike's plans... Read More

Mike Lindell with Dave Lee on WCCO: “I want to use what I went through and use it for the good”

“I want to use what I went through (when Mike was an addict) and use it for the good," is... Read More

Our American Stories’ Lee Habeeb: Mike’s great story about entrepreneurship and faith

"What a great story about entrepreneurship and faith molded into one," says Lee Habeeb in this Our American Stories interview with... Read More

From crack addict to CEO (and more): Mike talks about his life on theTHREE with Laura Harris Smith

Mike describes his journey of going from “crack addict to CEO” (and more) with Laura Harris Smith from theTHREE.tv. He talks about his... Read More

Mike Lindell and his VP Pence meeting (and other topics) on the Kim and VB Show

In an informative interview with Kim and VB, Mike surprised all with his statement that he had just visited with Vice... Read More

Mike Lindell’s FoxNews article: Here’s why Made in America really will help make America great again

On July 19, Mike Lindell sat down at the White House’s “Made in America” Roundtable with 19 other fellow industry... Read More