Mike talks about miracles experienced, passions, and politics at the “Keep the USA Red Virtual Rally”

“Isn’t it a miracle. Here I am sitting with the President, Vice President, Brad Perscale, and Jared Kushner. It is just surreal. It is like living inside a movie,” remarks Mike at the USA Red Virtual Rally about his White House visit recently. And this pretty much defines Mike’s life: miracles, passions, and politics.

Mike’s life is defined by God

Mike tells us how his life is “defined by God.” For, through God, Mike overcame his life of addictions and turned his dream of MyPillow into a highly successful reality.

Then there was another dream about “being in a room with Donald Trump.” And, sure enough, God put Mike into various positions, all leading up to a meeting with Donald Trump, a meeting where Mike went “all in” for Trump.

Mike was shocked that telling people to “read your Bibles and stay home with your family” caused a major blow-back and told how he did over 120 interviews as a consequence.

Minneapolis riots

Mike’s friends who have businesses in the area where the Minneapolis riots were called him to say, “Mike, they are ruining my business.” As Mike says, “It was terrible, and mistakes were made.”

“It had nothing to do with race,” Mike states. “There are bad people in all walks of life and most cops are great.” Mike’s “common sense” solution to police killings is that “police have to be charged right away.”

Politics affects everything we do

“The crazy lefties have exposed themselves and shown who they are and who they aren’t,” remarks Mike about the current state of politics. Mike is philosophical, though, and says that “this is an opportunity for the greatest revival in history.”

Mike has seen how “Politics affects everything we do. Just a few months ago, everything was the greatest ever.” Mike’s prescription for change is Trump, for “who else can fix this but Trump, and it will get fixed. We are going to have a nation that is one nation under God.”

Read all the details

Quite the life, indeed. Listen to the video to hear Mike talk about the miracles he’s experienced, his passions, his politics, and how “God was continually chasing him.” Then, read about all the details in Mike’s new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. For a limited time, you can get a $25 gift card and free shipping by using promo code M88