Mike and his “brand new magic book” on The Jim Bakker Show

Mike was on The Jim Bakker Show to talk about what Jim calls Mike’s “brand new book, a magic book” titled What Are the Odds? From Crack Cocaine to CEO.

The magic comes from the book’s front and back covers, which are holograms that magically summarizes Mike’s life. For, the front cover switches from a photograph of Mike as an addict, which was taken by his dealer after Mike had been up for 14 days, to now, as a successful CEO. The back cover switches from a photograph of Mike as an introverted boy who had a difficult time talking to anyone, to Mike speaking to thousands at Liberty University.

Jim Bakker prays for Mike’s ministry

Jim goes on to pray for Mike and his book:

“Our father, we come in Jesus’ name. We thank you for Mike’s ministry and that you saved him from the pits of hell. As I started to read little pieces of this book, Lord, there he was dying and trying to be killed. People wanted to kill him. But God, you delivered him and brought him through. And now this book is out and will save millions of souls. It’s going to be a part of the Lindell Recovery Network™. Thank God that this is going to be. I’m believing, God, that hundreds of millions will be saved, will be delivered from drugs, alcohol, and every form of things that are coming against them. Lord, bless this book, anoint it, and let everyone in America read this book. And God, send it out to become the number one bestseller. God, I pray for it. I bless it. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over it. I pray for his network of health and healing for people that have been on drugs. The only way to be delivered is Jesus Christ, and we bless him and bless this book in Jesus’ name, we pray.”

Kendra Reeves, who is Mike’s friend and a “faithful partner to the ministry” follows up with: “I come into agreement with all these prayers, God. And we just thank you and praise you that you bring salvation and hope even to people that have been on drugs for years and years. God, would you encourage the people that have prayed for 20 years, 30 years, for their loved ones, hoping to see some sort of a breakthrough, that with you, all things are possible. So we just ask for hope to go forth toward salvation, breakthroughs, and miracles, even the miracle that you gave Mike, that he would have overnight deliverance from the desire for alcohol and drugs. We’re asking in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Mike knew that someday he was going to write a book

They then turn to Mike’s book which Mike said had been “years and years in the making.” He showed the pictures in the book that depict his whole life. For, Mike kept everything as evidence of what had happened to him. For example, when he was in his 20s, he kept the bag that said, “pay by tonight or things are going to get very physical.” He would “keep evidence like this, knowing someday I was going to write a book to help people.” For Mike looked at his life and saw that all his experiences were “like one in a million, one in a billion experiences that never happened to anybody else.” And, when he added them all up, he could only think, “when do they become a miracle?” So, Mike just knew that he would someday write a book about these miracles.

Mike always thought that his life was like “living inside of a movie, a high action, crazy movie.” “One day, you are getting a gun to your head and the next day you are sitting in a restaurant with three millionaires, eating with three forks. So Mike just wanted to write a book that people would read and say, “This is the best fiction book ever written,” and then exclaim, “What? This is real.” That’s the power of the book.

Mike actually had to leave 20% of his life out of the book because “the reality was too far to even imagine. Nobody would even believe it.” As Mike says, “it’s pretty bad when you have to leave out the truth because it’s so bizarre.”

All proceeds go to the Lindell Recovery Network™

Mike talked about his Lindell Recovery Network™ that is coming out in a month or so that is going to “help millions, not tens of thousands, but millions of addicts from every kind of addiction, including gambling, drugs, alcohol, and porn.”

Mike is giving all proceeds from his book to his recovery network. So, he is self-publishing the book. In fact, he even bought his own paper. Plus, you won’t see it in box stores, for Mike wants “all the money going to the kingdom.”

Mike has a cameo in the movie, Unplanned

Mike has a cameo in the pro-life movie, Unplanned, a movie about Aby Johnson, who left Planned Parenthood to become a pro-life activist. He also helped fund the movie by giving $1 million towards the production of the movie.

Mike was on his way to Israel when he received a call saying, “Mike, I have a couple of movie producers on the phone here and we prayed and decided that you’re going to be in our movie.” Mike was surprised, replying, “What, me an actor?” To which they replied, “Yes, you have a cameo in the movie.”

So Mike prayed about it with Kendra and called back and replied, “Yes, if the movie is not just a good message, but a good movie.” Mike then asked if they were short on funds, and when he found out they needed $1 million, Mike immediately wired them the money.

They filmed the movie at a secret location in Oklahoma. In the movie, Mike drove a big bulldozer. When they asked Mike if he had ever driven one before, he replied that yes, he had worked on a farm in Iowa, so “I’ll be fine.”

Because the sun was going down, Mike only had one shot for his scene on the bulldozer. And, when Mike started it up, he forgot to take the emergency brake off, so there was a horrible noise. Mike quickly pulled the brake off, and it then proceeded perfectly. So, when you see Mike in the movie yelling, he is yelling about the emergency brake!

Jim says that “this movie is so good, it should have won an award of some kind.” After he and Lori watched the movie, “we cried.” In fact, Lori says that she “didn’t speak for the next 24 hours because I couldn’t even take it in. It was so real.”

Mike said that “Everyone, even the producers, are all amazing Christians and that God had his hand in this movie.” When the movie came out, they expected to make maybe $4 million, but it made over $20 million.

Read this book and give it to everyone

As Jim Bakker says, “This book has the potential of healing and delivering and saving probably more people than ever before.” “I want you to read this book and give it to your nephews, your nieces, your cousins, your grandsons, your aunts, and your uncles.”

So, purchase your copy of What Are the Odds? From Crack Cocaine Addict to CEO. now and be inspired.