Mike announces new podcast that promotes hope and common sense

On Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria show, Mike and Jack Brewer, the Brewer Group CEO and former NFL player, talk about their partnership on the ‘Level Headed’ podcast, and Mike’s journey from crack addiction to becoming the CEO of MyPillow.

The Level Headed Podcast

Mike is teaming up with Jack to create the Level Headed Podcast. Jack calls this union a “Divine appointment.” He met Mike while they were both in meeting with President Trump going over issues that were affecting the country, and said he was  “honored” to be in Mike’s presence.

Mike has written a new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, which is his story about building the successful MyPillow business while battling crack cocaine and gambling addictions, hardship, and failure. The podcast will at first concentrate on Mike’s story and his book launch to let the world be part of Mike’s journey and so help those suffering from addictions (which, as Mike says,  is “everyone, no matter how many forks you eat with.”)

Mike’s journey with addiction

Mike’s parents divorced when he was  7 years old, and he was put into a new school, which he never adjusted to. Because of his discomfort, Miike would either show off or just not talk to people for “if you don’t talk to people, you  don’t get rejected.”

In the ’80s, Mike got hooked on cocaine, as he found he could talk with cocaine as his crutch. He was a very functioning addict, so while he was using cocaine, he had a variety of businesses,  including a carpet cleaning business, a lunch wagon business, and small bars (which, as Mike quips, “probably wasn’t good for an addict”).

Then Mike turned to crack in the early 2000s, and it started taking him down. But during that time, he received a dream for a pillow and, for a year, he put everything he had into developing that pillow in his dream, despite people saying that it would never work.

After he invented the pillow, he took it to the box stores but was turned down. So he traveled the country selling his MyPillow at shows and fairs for 7 years. Then, through God, he was able to quit all his addictions overnight on January 16, 2009. After that, he was able to get his company back on track. A couple of years later, he created his famous infomercial, which put him on the path of being a very successful entrepreneur.

So the story of Mike is the story of finding amazing success despite tremendous trials and tribulations. And now, through Mike’s book and the Level Headed podcast, others can get inspiration for finding their success, no matter what issues they face.

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