Mike announces the donation of 1.5 million masks to the state of Minnesota

MyPillow will be giving “upwards of a couple of million masks to the state of Minnesota” including N95 and MyPillow-made masks, Mike announced to Tom Barnard on the KQ Morning Show.

Mike says that he “enjoys helping people,” whether it’s giving pillows during the hurricanes, helping during the pandemic, or now, helping the state of Minnesota.” Helping people, Mike says, is “rewarding” and gives him passion about his products and company.

As Tom Barnard says, “This is what all corporations should do. And I’m very proud of you.”

Mike will be speaking at Trump’s rally in Rochester, MN. He has been a regular on the rally trail, with this being Mike’s 11th rally that he has spoken at. Mike also did an Evangelical presentation in Ohio where he launched his Lindell Recovery Network for addicts that is “going to help millions of addicts across the country.”

Mike is “hoping that after this election that everybody starts getting more united.” Towards that, Mike feels that “we’re in the greatest revival ever.” Much of this revival will be fueled by the current rise of addiction in America for, Mike believes, “addiction is an opportunity to bring people to God” where they can have joy and a peaceful life.

Mike goes on, “We’re going to look back at this pandemic and go, wow, it was bad at the time, but it happened. But then there’s going to be a lot of good, with people helping people. And, when things are bad, people are looking to hope and ways to bring about change.”

Mike’s story is a story of this hope, as Mike went from the streets of Minneapolis as a crack addict to the success he has now. That’s “a miracle.” So, there is hope. We just need to “keep the faith.” Because, “things will be greater than ever.” As Mike says, “We will go back to a normality that will be even better than before the pandemic and the riots.”

Read Mike’s story of hope

Mike now has a memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO that chronicles his journey from his desperate times of being a crack addict to the amazing success he has now. Get the book and read it for yourself. Not only will you gain hope, you will also be helping addicts, as all profits go to the Lindell Recovery Network.

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