Mike calls the State of the Union address “unifying” in this Mike Gallagher interview

This is a great Mike Lindell/Mike Gallagher radio interview, where Mike Lindell talks about attending the “unifying” State of the Union address, and about how everyone WILL love Trump in the end.

A Divine Appointment

Mike Lindell was able to snag a ticket to the State of the Union address last Tuesday from Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California. However, he almost didn’t get the invitation in time.

For, Mike was leaving Minneapolis in a winter storm to come to the National Prayer Breakfast in DC. But, Mike’s private plane went off the runway so Mike’s flight was delayed for 2 hours.

During this delay, Kevin McCarthy called to invite Mike to the State of the Union address at the last minute. So, Mike calls his attendance to the State of the Union a “Divine appointment” because if the plane had not caused the delay by sliding off the runway, he would not have received the invitation in time.

State of the Union address was “unifying”

Mike’s biggest surprise about the State of the Union address was that he saw “more unity than you could ever imagine.” Even the Democratic women who were dressed in white applauded 70% of the time. In fact, “everyone in the room was unified”. So, Mike felt that the address was “one of the best speeches ever given.”

“Everybody loves Trump, some just don’t know it yet.”

Mike says that thousands of people come up to him to tell him how much they love Trump. What people saw at the State of the Union address is what Mike has been seeing all along.

Mike says that Trump is a “unifier” and that he has “common sense” and is “pragmatic”. In fact, Mike says that when President Trump is done, he will “go down as the best president in history.’

And, as proof of that unification, Trump signed the bipartisan opioid legislation and the criminal justice reform, showing that he is willing to work across the aisle.

Plus, jobs are up to historical levels, including jobs for blacks and Hispanics, which Mike said is “so rewarding”.

So, as Mike says: “God picked Trump to be our president.”And, “Everybody loves Trump, some just don’t know what yet.”