Mike gives the National Guard MyPillows: an interview with Mike Gallagher

“I so deeply admire and respect and love what you guys do. And you have done so much for America,” Mike Gallagher states at the beginning of this interview with Mike. He goes on: “You have this amazing brand and this amazing pillow that has changed the world and revolutionized the way we sleep. And the idea of devoting all those face masks to hospital workers has been a big deal. And this week, Mike, I was so excited to hear about what you did for members of the Minnesota National Guard.”

The National Guard members are sleeping on cement floors, so Mike gave them all MyPillows

Mike was delivering face masks to Southern Minnesota when he found that the Minnesota National Guard members were sleeping on cement floors. So, within hours, there were “thousands of MyPillows delivered to the National Guard members in four different locations.”

As Mike says, “it’s just a blessing to be able to help out. And they were appreciative. They’re sending me pictures about what a difference it makes to be able to get some sleep.”

Mike’s new memoir: like living inside of a movie

Mike actually knows about sleeping on cement floors since he spent a few days in jail back in the day. This is chronicled in his new memoir, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, a book that Gallagher calls “an inspirational story.”

The book also chronicles the 14 times that Mike was at death’s door, including being electrocuted, having a parachute only partially open, and even having the mafia almost kill him. It also details how God helped Mike overcome severe crack, alcohol, and gambling addictions while creating multiple businesses, including the famous MyPillow company.

As Mike says, his life’s story has been “like living inside of a movie.” So, it is a book that is “like this amazing fiction book, but then you realize that it is all real.”

Mike preprinted 3 million books with paper he personally bought plus he didn’t use a publisher. He self-published because he wants “all the money going to the Kingdom, to help people,” as the profits will go to his Lindell Recovery Network’s Biblically-based help platform for addicts.

The greatest revival in history

Mike believes that there is “going to be the greatest revival in history.” Mike has “so much hope and optimism as we come out of this pandemic and these riots – it’s going to be amazing.”

Mike sees that “people are looking for hope” and by this fall “we’re going to have the stock market over 30,000.” Plus, Mike knows about “great things coming” that he will be announcing in a couple of weeks. So, Mike wants “everybody to keep the faith and keep praying, because it’s coming.”

The officers involved in George Floyd’s killing should have been arrested immediately

“Our laws haven’t caught up to our technology,” Mike states. “Before video cameras and social media, they needed long investigations for killings by police. But, now, you have videos of these horrific, blatant acts, so you should be able to bring the officers in immediately. In Minnesota, “you can hold people for 48 hours on probable cause. And then you need to accelerate the investigation.”

So we need to “get the trust back in police” by arresting and charging the officers sooner. “If the officers had been brought in right away, things would have been totally different.” Instead, it took four days to arrest and charge the officer that killed George Floyd, to which Mike says, “What took them four days to look at that tape? I mean, come on.”

Mike knows that “everybody has the right to protest.” But there were “bad people involved too, wrecking places and businesses,” and some of those wrecked businesses are owned by Mike’s friends.

According to Mike, “things were done so wrong” in Minnesota. But, we are “going to come out of this and we’re going to learn so much.”

Masks to help get this country rolling again

Mike is offering masks to all now because “everybody’s been calling and asking, ‘When can I get them to open my business? When can I get them for my family?'” Mike isn’t making anything on the masks, he just wants “to help and get everybody back to work safely and get this country rolling again and give everybody hope.”

For all the details of Mike’s amazing life, get his book

This interview gives you a taste of what Mike’s inspiring book is about. Read the rest of the story by getting What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. As Mike Gallagher says, “His book is incredible.”