Mike is 100% sure antifa were at the Capitol on Jan 6: an interview with Joe Piscopo

“A couple of my nieces actually went down to the Capitol (on January 6th)…and they were sending videos. They’re all singing ‘Amazing Grace,’” Mike tells Joe Piscopo in this interview on AM970.

Mike says that “The antifa, I believe, was already there.” Mike goes on to say, “I have videos of Trump supporters trying to hold the guy back that was breaking the first window. And then the police just let them through. It was the weirdest thing.”

Mike states that he is 100% sure that there was antifa there because “he has been in bad places and met some bad people.” Mike has a picture of “what looks like frogmen or ninjas going up a side wall at the Capitol.” And, these people “just look different.”

“It is just like the riots last summer that were started by the antifa.” If Trump supporters were at these riots, it was “just to take videos, like anyone.”

Mike then asks, “Why didn’t they shut the Capitol down?” And, “If there was a murder committed, who did it? Let’s show people on TV.” He also wonders, “Why aren’t they all arrested?”

Mike thinks that the big story should be that “our country is getting stolen from us.” Mike has worked with Sidney Powell, and has seen “all the evidence that was before the Supreme Court and with the lawsuits.”

In one state, “dead people voted.” They have “a list with their names, birth certificates, and pictures of the gravestones.” If you take this, and “the minors that voted,” it would “overturn that state’s election.”

So, he is shocked that the Vice President didn’t say, “for 10 days, let’s look at the evidence.” Because, you have people that are saying, “Hey, if there’s no evidence, can we at least look at it?”

There is “no statute of limitations on this.” Mike wants to “put it on national TV and let people look at the evidence.” Then, “even people on the left would say ‘Donald Trump won, I don’t like him, but he won.'”