Mike, the “Steve Jobs of sleep,” and a COVID “answer from God”: an interview with Mark Simone

“Mike Lindell is one of the great American success stories, he is the Steve Jobs of sleep,” opens Mark Simone in this interview with Mike.

MyPillow promotes “Made in the USA” which, as Mike says, “is awesome. If I can make it here, I make it here and I love it because of the 1,500 employees, and that you see the quality, plus you are able to see with your own eyes if something goes wrong.” Also, “shipping from overseas is not what it is cracked up to be. You have delays in shipping, and you end up air-shipping things in so you don’t save any money.”

The interview turned to Mike’s 2016 private meeting with then-candidate Donald Trump in Trump Tower. They talked about bringing jobs back, products made in America, addiction, and drugs. When Mike walked out of the meeting, he said that Trump’s ideas were “great, pragmatic, common sense ideas.” Mike goes on to say, “Boy, he hasn’t let me down…he’s kept all of his promises.”

Mike went back to Minnesota and did a press release about meeting Trump which caused people to “call me a racist.” And now, many say, “Boycott MyPillow.” But, Mike quips, then others reply, “Don’t boycott Mike Lindell. He will double his ads and we see enough of that jerk.”

Mike then turned to the COVID drug that he is promoting. He said that “This guy called on Easter Sunday and said he had something that was the answer to the pandemic.” So, Mike turned the information over to Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who is on the Coronavirus Task Force.

Mike then decided to “take it if it’s safe to take since it prevents me from getting the virus.” He has also “given it to my friends and family.” Mike claims that “everyone who had COVID was fine in a couple of days and everyone that took it as a prophylactic didn’t get COVID.” As Mike says, it’s “an answer from God.”

Mike states that “there are tests on people” for the drug which you can review at www.phoenixbiotechnology.com. The company has turned its findings over to the FDA. And, all they want is for “the right to try it” in hospitals. But Mike has concluded that “the FDA doesn’t want to cure people” which Mike thinks is “because of big pharma and money.”

Mike talked about the Anderson Cooper interview he had about the drug. “All (Cooper) did was talk over me and attack me and say ‘you’re a snake oil salesman.’” But, Mike says “that is why we have the FDA. You can’t sell anything until it’s been approved.” Plus, “there are safety tests, phase I and II tests.”

Cooper also brought up MyPillow’s Better Business Bureau’s rating, which went from an A+ to an F because “they told me I was running my specials too long.” After talking to the BBB, Mike concluded that “it was a political thing.”

Cooper also brought up the suit in California that Mike settled for $1 million. But, as Mike says, there were “frivolous lawyers, money hungry lawyers, that sue you for everything. And then you give them money so they don’t run you out of money. “

Meanwhile, Mike knows that the drug works. He is on Phoenix Biotechnology’s board because when the drug does come out, it will need to scale fast. And, as Mike says, “I’m pretty good at scaling things.” He wants “everybody to get it so everyone will be fine. I mean, it works overnight, this thing works.”

As Simone says, “Mike Lindell, you are a great American success story, a hero to a lot of people.”

Listen to the whole interview here: