Mike Lindell and his VP Pence meeting (and other topics) on the Kim and VB Show

In an informative interview with Kim and VB, Mike surprised all with his statement that he had just visited with Vice President Pence. Mike also discussed the benefits of the tax bill and President Trump’s tariffs in the interview.

Highlights of the interview:

  • Mike said he had a “great conversation” with Vice President Pence, where they discussed MyPillow, the benefits of products being made in America, and what can be done to help the inner cities.
  • Mike says that the tax bill is “one of the most amazing bills”. Mike was able to buy a machine for MyPillow due to the tax deduction, so was able to create 15 more jobs. He says that he believes that all C corps are passing the benefits of the bill onto their employees.
  • Mike believes that the tariffs are going to help bring jobs to America, which is important. When one company leaves America, 5 others follow suit. For example, when a snowmobile company left America, the vendors that made the seats, the bolts, etc. also left, taking all those jobs out of America.
  • MyPillow has 1,600 America jobs because of MyPillow’s made-in-America philosophy. Plus, there are more American jobs, given the jobs at the companies that supply MyPillow, such as the company that makes the foam, and the company that makes the fabric.
  • Mike sat right next to President Trump at Trump’s Made in America Roundtable. Mike said that it was an amazing meeting where President Trump described all he was going to do and that Trump is following through on his word. As Mike says, President Trump is an “amazing guy.”

And – Mike says the MyPillow is “Creating careers instead of jobs, and maybe a lot of other companies will follow suit”.