Mike Lindell and Martha Boneta discuss the movie Unplanned at NRB

Mike Lindell and Martha Boneta March 27 2019

Mike Lindell and Martha Boneta, VP of Vote America First, talk about the movie Unplanned with America’s VoiceLive while at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Anaheim

Unplanned is a story about Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood then walked away to become a staunch anti-abortion crusader, Mike gave $1 million to this film and Martha Boneta is grateful, as she calls the film the “most compelling anti-abortion movie ever.”

Mike heard about the movie when he was on a plane going to Israel. When he heard about the compelling message the film was offering, Mike emphasized that he wanted the film to be a high-quality production. And, when he heard that they needed $1 million for a quality film, he prayed, then wired them the money.

Mike has a cameo in the film. And, when he was on the set, he asked Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby Johnson, “how did you cry?” And Ashley answered that you just had to put yourself in the mind of what was going on.

It is an amazing movie that, as Mike says, will “change hearts”. Don’t miss it – you can watch it in theaters nationwide starting Friday, March 29.

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