Mike Lindell At CPAC: President Trump has our back

“Some of the President’s biggest supporters showed up at CPAC this week, including inventor and CEO of Myillow, Mike Lindell, who has benefited firsthand from the Trump administration’s work,” announces One America in this Jenn Pellegrino interview with Mike at CPAC 2020.

Mike says that he “loves being at CPAC.” He didn’t know anything about politics a few years ago since he is an ex-addict. But now he “has learned what a conservative is, what a great organization CPAC is, and is going up and down media row to get the message out about our great President.”

President Trump, “the greatest President ever”

Mike first met then-candidate Trump in the summer of 2016 when Trump reached out to Mike and invited him to a private meeting in Trump Tower. They talked about what Trump is going to do with the inner cities, how Trump “loved my made-in-America MyPillow,” and how Trump would bring jobs back.

Mike had never been in politics. In fact, he had never even voted. But after his meeting with Trump, Mike believed that Trump was “going to be the greatest president ever.”

“Every single day my business gets better because I stood for what I believe in. You have the most pro-life president in history and the most praying president. He has our back. He has such a heart for our country and cares about each and every person.”

So in the last three years, Mike has become friends with Trump. In fact, Mike was with Trump last night and Trump made Mike the Chairman of the Minnesota Trump campaign.

Addicts need hope

Mike was at the ceremony where Trump signed the Opioid Bill. Mike’s heart is very much into solving the crisis of addiction since he is an ex-crack addict. “People are dying from addiction. They need hope.” Towards this, Mike has a platform coming out called the Lindell Recovery Network which is going to help addicts find this hope.

This is the “second most important election in history”

Mike believes that “on November 8, 2016, God gave us grace for such a time as this so that we can have the biggest revival in history and bring this country back to God.” So, “this is the second most important election in history.”

Towards this, Mike states that you have to go out and tell your friends, your family, and “even the people on the left” to “Come on in, the water’s great. It’s okay.” Mike goes on to say that “You don’t even have to say your voting for him, but you just hit the Trump button and know that he’s going to keep winning. It’s going to keep getting better and better and better, and it is.”

Mike: from the crack house to CEO and beyond

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