Mike Lindell celebrates being sober for 10 years with Tom Barnard

Mike Lindell is having his 10-year sobriety anniversary, and as Mike says, “I have seen so many things that have changed in the last 10 years,” and now, “I am able to bring people hope through my story and can give back through the Lindell Recovery Network™.” Listen to the details in this inspiring interview on the KQRS Morning Show with Tom Barnard.

Lindell Recovery Network™

Mike says that the Lindell Recovery Network™ is coming to fruition. With the network, Mike explains, “people will have a platform that will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Mike and his recovery

A lot of things have changed since that night when Mike asked God to be released from his addictions. As Mike says, if you would have “told me 10 years ago about what I am doing today, I would have said ‘what?’”

Mike had an intervention after he had been up for 14 days by his drug dealers. He couldn’t buy crack anywhere, it was a complete shutdown.

When Mike got back to his room, one of the dealers took a picture and he said, “Give me your phone. You’ve been telling us for years that this pillow is just a platform for God and that you’re going to come back someday and help us all. We’re not going to let you die on us.” And now, two of these drug dealers work for Mike and are clean, sober, have found God, and have turned their lives around.

And, Mike has seen his friends look at his life and see where his path has taken him and they’re saying, “you know what, I am quitting everything.” For, they say, “There is no way that Mike Lindell was there and now he’s here. This has to be a miracle.” And all of them have quit crack.

Mike’s addictions stemmed from the fact that his parents were divorced when he was a young age, which gave him a “terrible feeling of unworthiness,” so he would fear rejection. So he would either show off or be shy.

His addictions gave him the false courage to get over this fear of rejection. And, when Mike was doing alcohol and cocaine, he could be a functioning addict. However, he found that crack took over his life.

Mike found that “addictions are a lot of work.” “People say to me, why are you so busy at work all the time.” And, Mike’s response is that he loves what he does, and it was more work when he was doing addictions.

For, “You’re breaking your promises all the time, and you start to feel worse about yourself. So you want more drugs to hide the pain –  it is just a vicious circle.”

So, Mike prayed to be released January 16, 2009, because he knew that in one more day, someone else would be chosen for the platform that was given to Mike. And, when Mike woke the next morning, all his desires were gone.

Things get “better and better”

And then, things just got “better and better”. As a caller to the Tom Barnard show says, “His story is inspiring, to say the least. I’m a recovering addict as well and just listening to his story and the fact that there is hope is fantastic. But also his company just does so many phenomenal things. He’s impacting so many lives, it is just phenomenal.”