Mike Lindell interviewed at President Trump rally in Houston, Texas

Mike was recently at the rally for Ted Cruz in Houston, Texas with President Trump. He was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting Network. Here are the highlights of that interview.

  • Mike said this is the most important mid-term election in our lifetime and that everybody should tell their friends, family and neighbors to get out and vote.
  • He says that everybody loves our President, they just don’t know it yet.
  • President Trump was picked by God to run this country and it’s a Divine appointment.
  • Mike announces his Lindell Recovery Network. Over the last year, he has vetted faith-based treatment centers across the country. An addict would put in his age and his addiction and he/she will get stories of hope. They can see that there is hope for them as well. After, Mike will be like their tour guide on the website and show them places of recovery near them. Then when they come out of treatment, paid mentors employed by Lindell Recovery Network will be there for them to help them continue their recovery.
  • Mike says that a lot of times, when addicts come out of treatment, people don’t trust them right away. But with the treatments centers, Like Salvation Army, Union Gospel, and many others that Mike has vetted, employers will grab them up right away because these centers are trusted.  A 20-year-old opiate addict might not relate to a 50-year-old meth addict. Lindell Recover Network will match age and addiction to help that person.


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