Mike Lindell joins the Imus in the Morning program

Mike Lindell joined the “Imus in the Morning” program to talk about his contribution of 80,000 MyPillows to those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the Lindell Foundation.


  • Mike sent trucks loaded with 60,000 MyPillows to the Houston area and flew MyPillow crews to distribute the pillows to Hurricane Harvey victims, first responders and the Houston police department. Then, he sent 20,000 MORE MyPillows down to Texas to ensure he could give a MyPillow to as many victims and first responders as possible.
  • Mike has been working for two years to create the Lindell Foundation, including putting $6 million of his own money into the foundation.
  • The Lindell Foundation was going to launch in a month but did a soft launch early to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The foundation will then focus its efforts on helping individuals within the inner cities, focusing mostly on drug and alcohol addicts, opioid addicts, veterans, and the homeless. Towards that, Mike is meeting with shelters and groups like Teen Challenge, Love Inc., and Union Gospel.
  • Mike got tired of foundations where you don’t know what the CEOs are making and where your money is going. He wanted a foundation that you could trust and was transparent. And, he feels blessed that he is able to give. That is why the Lindell Foundation is a foundation where 100% of all donations go to those in need since the overhead is paid for.