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"I will give you rest": an inspiring Salvation Army article about Mike Lindell

Read this inspiring Salvation Army article, "I will give you rest", about Mike’s miraculous journey from recovering from  his addictions (including crack cocaine) to running “one of the world’s most successful companies.” 

That’s not all though, as this article details, Mike is also helping former addicts like himself; plus going to the White House to support American-made businesses and address the opioid epidemic; plus spreading the word of God and hope to thousands of people, like his talk to 50,000 people at the US Bank stadium.

It is an amazing life that just keeps getting better. Just how does Mike do it? Well, as he says: 

“That wasn’t me, that was all Jesus. It’s one thing to go to church or to pray when things are bad, but to have that relationship with Jesus, that’s where it’s at. That’s what changes everything.”

Read all the details about Mike's inspiring story in this excellent article.

Do you need help with addictions?

If you or someone you know needs help with their addictions, Mike encourages you to get help from The Salvation Army, For, as Mike says:

The Salvation Army is “the most amazing program I’ve ever heard of... a lot of the stuff that works in addiction, The Salvation Army is already doing based on Jesus. I’ve talked to people in the field and done my own due diligence and I think they’re the best in the country.”

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Mike Lindell Jumps Into Film Financing

A new movie, called “Unplanned”, is coming out thanks to $1 million in funding from Mike Lindell. See…

Don’t miss it, as you can actually see Mike in the film, as he has a cameo where he bulldozes a Planned Parenthood site to make way for the headquarters of a pro-life group called “40 Days for Life”. As Mike says, "I'm pro-life and I'm happy to do it.”

Mike's next movie venture will be based on his upcoming book, What are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO, the inspiring autobiography about his rags to riches story of overcoming crack cocaine and becoming highly successful with his MyPillow business - all through God.

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Mike says that “MyPillow is a vehicle for a greater calling, that his success is a gift from God." But, as this CBS Sunday Morning video with Martha Teichner shows, it was a struggle to get MyPillow to be the success it is today.


  • MyPillow originated in a dream Mike had. In fact, Mike dreamt about the MyPillow logo first. And his dream came true, eventually.
  • Mike created the “pillow of his dreams” in 2004 in an attempt to solve his personal life-long sleeping issues. It took a year of trying different things - until he found the “eureka moment” of using 3 different foams that interlock to give “the most amazing, adjustable pillow in history."
  • Enthused, Mike tried getting the big box stores to sell his MyPillow, but they weren’t interested. So he set up a kiosk in the neighborhood mall, where he only sold 80 pillows in one month.
  • During the early years of MyPillow, Mike was a crack cocaine addict with a $500-$1000/week habit. Due to his addiction, he lost his house and his marriage. In fact, his addiction was so bad that his crack dealers staged an intervention in the spring of 2008 after Mike had been up for 14 days.
  • The following year, Mike quit his addictions, which changed his life. On October 7, 2011, the first famous MyPillow infomercial launched, which caused an amazing growth for MyPillow: MyPillow went from 5-10 employees to 500 in just 40 days. MyPillow now spends $1.5 million/week on commercials, which has helped MyPillow sell more than 41 million pillows and grow to be a company of 1,600 employees working in the two huge MyPillow factories just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • At any given time, 20-30% of the MyPillow employees are “second-chancers,” i.e. former addicts. As one second-chancer says, “Most places won’t give me a chance because of my background."
  • Mike is proud that MyPillows are made in America. As he says, “When I get behind something, I am 100% all in." And, he is 100% all in for President Trump, even going to President Trump’s Made-in-America roundtable. 

It has been an amazing story. One reason for the MyPillow success is Mike's motto: "Make every pillow like it's your only pillow and treat every customer like it's your only customer." Beyond that, Mike gets his incredible passion from the fact that he considers MyPillow to be a "vehicle for a greater calling, and his success a gift from God”.

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Don’t miss this CNBC video about Mike Lindell! There are some interesting views of the MyPillow factory as well a great overview of about Mike’s history from crack to the highly success MyPillow company -  to the White House!


  • The video shows Mike’s original foam-shredding machine: a hammer mill - which was originally a piece of farm equipment! Also shown are the foam shredding machines that Mike designed to take the place of the hammer mill. 
  • Mike runs MyPillow in Chaska MN, the town he grew up in, where his early entrepreneur years were spent cleaning carpets, raising pigs and running lunch wagons. He was also, occasionally, making money as a professional card counter - until he was thrown out of the casino. In the 80’s, Mike got into the bar business - which, as he says, “probably wasn’t very good because I was an addict at the time.”
  • Mike always had a hard time sleeping and disliked all the pillows he tried. Then, in 2004, he dreamed of a pillow which would hold its shape. After the dream, he wrote “MyPillow” everywhere in the house. When he told his daughter that he had this idea of a pillow called “MyPillow”, she simply said, “that’s random, Dad”.
  • Mike spent months cutting up pieces of foam to create a pillow that would hold its form - he even learned to sew the pillows himself. After inventing the pillow, he went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and showed them his "best pillow in the world”. But, they were not impressed.
  • Mike then did a kiosk in a local shopping center. One of the customers turned out to be connected to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show and he invited Mike to debut the MyPillow at the show, and sales took off.
  • Mike used to be a crack cocaine addict during the early years of MyPillow and lost his marriage, his house and almost his business due to his addictions. In fact, even his dealers put out the word that no one should sell drugs to Mike after Mike had been up for almost 2 weeks straight. Mike finally hit bottom January 16, 2009, and asked God to let him wake up in the morning and never have the desire again. When he woke up the next day he had the “most peaceful feeling I ever had.” His addictions were totally gone.
  • In 2011, Mike had another dream: make an infomercial. Mike starred in the infomercial and ad-libbed the whole commercial himself. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 5 employees to 500 by the end of that year. Now, MyPillow has sold over 300 million pillows.
  • Mike met Donald Trump in 2016 and quickly became a fan. After that meeting, Mike's reaction to Trump was that “this guy is going to be the most amazing guy in history” based on all the jobs Trump wanted to bring back and his concern about the inner cities. Mike then went to the White House last July for a Made-in-America roundtable - and sat right next to President Trump.
  • Mike is publishing an autobiography and hopes to turn his story into a movie with the help of actor Steve Baldwin. Mike is also focusing on his foundation, the Lindell Foundation, to help the less fortunate.

A lot has happened in Mike’s life - and is continuing to happen. And, Mike's reaction to his life is that, “The only way that we were able to do this was Devine intervention.”

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This is a great Mike Lindell/Mike Gallagher radio interview, where Mike Lindell talks about attending the "unifying" State of the Union address, and about how everyone WILL love Trump in the end.

A Devine Appointment

Mike Lindell was able to snag a ticket to the State of the Union address last Tuesday from Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California. However, he almost didn't get the invitation in time.

For, Mike was leaving Minneapolis in a winter storm to come to the National Prayer Breakfast in DC. But, Mike's private plane went off the runway so Mike's flight was delayed for 2 hours.

During this delay, Kevin McCarthy called to invite Mike to the State of the Union address at the last minute. So, Mike calls his attendance to the State of the Union a "Divine appointment" because if the plane had not caused the delay by sliding off the runway, he would not have received the invitation in time.

State of the Union address was "unifying" 

Mike's biggest surprise about the State of the Union address was that he saw "more unity than you could ever imagine." Even the Democratic women who were dressed in white applauded 70% of the time. In fact, "everyone in the room was unified". So, Mike felt that the address was "one of the best speeches ever given."

"Everybody loves Trump, they just don't know it yet."

Mike says that thousands of people come up to him to tell him how much they love Trump. What people saw at the State of the Union address is what Mike has been seeing all along.

Mike says that Trump is a "unifier" and that he has "common sense" and is "pragmatic". In fact, Mike says that when President Trump is done, he will "go down as the best president in history.'

And, as proof of that unification, Trump signed the bipartisan opioid legislation and the criminal justice reform, showing that he is willing to work across the aisle.

Plus, jobs are up to historical levels, including jobs for blacks and Hispanics, which Mike said is "so rewarding".

So, as Mike says: "God picked Trump to be our president." And, "Everybody loves Trump, they just don't know what yet."

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Michael Lindell was at the State of the Union address last Tuesday! As Mike told VB in the Middle, "it was an amazing night." He was invited by Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California.

For Mike, his jet sliding off the runway is a good thing!

Mike was already going to DC, as he is speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast. Amazingly, Mike might not have received the last-minute invitation in time. But, his private jet slid off the runway, so Mike's trip was delayed, And it was during this delay that Mike received the invitation to the State of the Union address. Who knew that having your jet slide off the runway was a good thing?

This was the start of 26 days of speaking engagements

And, the DC trip was the start of spending 26 days speaking in 12 different states at a variety of events, including speaking to 15,000 students at Liberty University. So, although he did have to scramble a bit, he did have the necessary clothing, etc., needed to go to a State of the Union address.

Mike: the State of the Union address was "epic"

Mike called the State of the Union address "epic," "one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard". Mike said that he went to the event with the expectation of "a great divide". But, he said that he saw "total unification," instead. For he saw that 70% of the time, the Democrats were clapping along with the Republicans.

Mike also saw Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Pence talking together, which Mike felt demonstrated an "amazing time of unity." And that is "what the president is good at," he is an "uniter".  Plus, Mike says that Trump is "willing to compromise" and that he's a "common sense" president who is "very pragmatic". 

As Mike says, "It was a night where politics was taken out of the speech". Michael was praying that President Trump would talk about all the good things he's done and where he's going, with no negatives. And Mike feels that President Trump did a great job.

Although Mike did not get a chance to be with President Trump, Mike was able to be with Trump's family and was actually with Donald Trump, Junior until 2 AM after the State of the Union address.

Mike's continuing rags to riches story

Mike said that he felt "very blessed" to be at this event and that it was "everything he prayed it would be." Mike still finds it "surreal," though, that he would be able to attend a function like this, and that it is even more surreal that "people actually came up and wanted a picture with him." 

But, as Mike says, "God's continues to work miracles in my life".

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You know Mike’s inspiring rags-to-riches story. But, do you know he is currently involved in a variety of projects, from movie production to foundations to helping the inner cities, to creating a platform for entrepreneurs: all with the goal of “helping people”. Listen to all the details in this inspiring interview on the Hollywood in Toto podcast

Mike’s story

Mike has an amazing story to tell about himself: he was a former crack addict who, ten years ago, found freedom from drugs and alcohol through God, and now is the inventor and CEO of the MyPillow company that everyone knows about.

Now, Mike feels that MyPillow is just a platform for God. So Mike’s big calling is evangelism and spreading the word of Jesus. 

And, towards that, Mike enjoys speaking out about Jesus and his life. In fact, he talked to 50,000 millennials at the US Bank Stadium, plus talked to 20-30 thousand more millennials at the Texas Speedway. 

Plus, Mike is due to tell his story of hope at Liberty University and other college campuses.

Mike in the movie business

Mike knew that when his book came out that he was going to want to make it into a movie so he could present his “amazing message” to others to inspire them to take action to change their life, such as quitting addictions themselves.

So he asked his friend Stephen Baldwin if he could watch him make movies. Stephen replied, “let's  make a movie together - you could learn a lot more that way.” So, they made the movie called “Church People” which is coming out this year. 

Mike was very nervous about his role in the movie - almost as nervous as he was in his first infomercial. Mike has fought feelings of unworthiness throughout most of his life, so it took 9 takes just to do the first line in the infomercial! It wasn’t until they put a familiar table in front of Mike and took away the teleprompter that Mike finally could finish the infomercial.

But, through making the movie, Mike has learned a lot about moviemaking, including becoming comfortable with acting. In fact, Mike alluded to the fact that he might even think about playing himself in his movie, which would be good: who else could be Mike Lindell BUT Mike Lindell?

And now, Mike is also thinking about doing his own show that would be “an hour of hope” where he could present “all the good things that are going on in our country that are working, so everybody could duplicate them”.

Unplanned, the movie

Unplanned takes a critical look at Planned Parenthood. Coming out March 29, it is based on the story of Abby Johnson, who worked as a director for Planned Parenthood, then turned around to be a strong voice for the anti-abortion movement.

Mike was approached last summer about helping to finance this movie and have a cameo in the movie. Mike liked the movie’s message, so, after prayer and due diligence to ensure it would be a quality movie, Mike said “yes” and invested $1 million in the movie.

Mike believes that the movie will have a big impact because it's a true story. As Mike says, “I think it will really resonate with people and expose Planned Parenthood and abortion for what they are.”

The Lindell Recovery Network and the Lindell Foundation

Mike works hand-in-hand with the inner cities with his Lindell Foundation, and will soon launch his Lindell Recovery Network to help drug addicts.

With the foundation, 100% of your money goes directly to those who have needs. With the Lindell Recovery Network, addicts will be able to view “stories of hope” from people just like them, then will be stepped through a Christian recovery process, complete with paid mentors to help them after recovery.

And all the money that Mike makes from his ventures will be going into these foundations.

Mike and President Trump

Mike met Trump in a private meeting during Trump’s candidacy on August 15, 2016, which Mike calls a “Devine appointment." In the meeting, they talked about jobs and products “made in America”. Mike walked out of that meeting saying that Trump is “going to be the best president in history.” Then Mike talked to Trump’s employees and was even more impressed. So as Mike says, “I went all in”. 

And now, Mike sees that Trump is a “common sense” president who is “doing what's right for this country and the people in it.”

Mike had never been in politics before, so he had to learn the difference between liberal and conservative politics quickly. And to his political leaning, he adds his Christian values.

For example, in the last election, there were a couple Republicans that wanted Mike to endorse them. But, they were pro-choice, so Mike said: “absolutely not”.

And when he does back conservatives, such as putting his ads on conservative radio and TV, Mike doesn’t back down. He’s proud to present his products -  in spite of all the attacks and threats to boycott.

But on the flip side, there are those that say, “don't boycott MyPillow: he'll just double down, and we see him enough already.” So, there is that.

And, just when you think that Mike can’t do anything else - he’s come out with

Inventors are always coming to Mike with their inventions and their stories. But, Mike knows, through experience, that it’s tough to get into the big box stores, and when you put your products on Amazon or do shows, your products can be copied and shipped in from overseas. 

To address this, Mike is creating, where vetted entrepreneurs can promote their products on a  “safe platform”.

Any money Mike receives from this platform will go to his foundations. For, as Mike says, it’s “one big circle”.

Mike's next steps

Who knows what next steps will spring from the pillow platform that God has given him? We do know that it will involve using the platform for good. 

For as Mike says, “I just love what I'm doing. I keep going because I love helping people and I love giving back.”

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Mike talks about his incredible 10-year sobriety anniversary and how his Lindell Recovery Network will give addicts across the country the hope they need on the "What's On Your Mind Radio Show".

Mike: clean and sober for 10 years

As Mike says, “It was quite a journey.” For 10 years ago, on January 16, 2009, Mike quit crack cocaine and all his other addictions overnight. God freed him of all those addictions and all the desires because Mike knew all along the “MyPillow platform was a much bigger purpose”.  

For Mike was a 20-year cocaine addict who then switched to crack cocaine in the early 2000s. And, he will tell you that crack cocaine is a “horrific drug”.

After being freed of his addictions through prayer, Mike did go to a faith-based treatment center to find out why he was addicted in the first place. For, Mike believes that quitting addictions takes 2 steps: 1) quit the drugs and, 2) address why you were addicted in the first place, and replace that with God.

Mike believes that the seeds of his addictions were planted in his childhood. His parents got a divorce when he was seven years old and he got moved into a new school. Through all these changes, Mike developed a fear of rejection.

Due to these feeling of rejection, Mike later started using drugs just to fit in and talk to people. But, it just got worse and worse until he finally quit through prayer.

Faith-based treatment centers

Mike believes that the faith-based treatment centers, such as Teen Challenge, Union Gospel, and the Salvation Army are the best. These centers are not shame-based, for shame-based centers do not work: you feel worse than when you went in, and “now you don't have your drugs to mask the pain”. 

Addicts stay 6-8 months at these faith-based centers and, during that time, addicts are not only learning to give up their addictions, they are also “learning life again”. Plus, they get hope - and the power of prayer. 

And, what Mike found is that addiction is a lot of work - it is the hardest work there is. Life gets so much easier when you are freed from your addictions because when you are addicted, you're making promises that you can't keep and that makes you feel even feel worse inside, so you want to do drugs.

Addicts need hope

And, most importantly, you must give addicts hope. People don’t come up to Mike and talk about the MyPillow, they come up and say, “Wow, you beat your addictions,” and talk about Mike’s redemption, salvation, and transformation and how that gives them hope.

And, towards that hope, Mike will soon launch the Lindell Recovery Network to give hope to addicts. For, the network will have “stories of hope” by people of the same age and addictions as the addicts seeking help, much the same way that Mike received “stories of hope” from a friend who was his same age and same addictions who had quit.

MyPillow: a platform for bigger things

Mike relates that he says, “Thanks, God. It's been surreal. I always knew that the pillow was just a platform for much bigger things.” And, we are certainly seeing bigger things from Mike.

Who knows what his next step will be?

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Ten years ago, Mike was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. But then, through God, he got clean and sober on January 16, 2009. Listen to the details in Mike Lindell's enlightening interview on The Sean Hannity Show. 

Mike was able to get clean and sober. But, there are many more out there who need treatment from their addictions. Towards that, President Trump signed an 800-page bi-partisan opiate bill which will help stop the drugs from coming into the United States and will help people who are addicted. 

For, many have died from opiates. In fact, people very close to Mike have died from drugs within the last year. Towards that, Mike’s has spoken to 50,000 millennials in Texas and 30,000 millennials in Minneapolis about finding God and leading a clean life away from drugs.

Mike quit with the help of God, so he knows that addicts need to get help in faith-based treatment centers. Addicts also need hope. Towards that, Mike’s story can bring hope. 

Plus, Mike is starting the Lindell Recovery Network where people can get inspired by seeing recovery success stories from around the country from people their age, using the drugs they are using. The visitors are then presented with Christian treatment centers that Mike has vetted. Then, once out of recovery, there will be paid mentors to help them from start to finish.

Drugs can take over your soul, your mind, and your heart. But, as Mike's story shows, it is possible to quit your addictions, and you can do it before you (or your kids) lose their lives. Everyone is worth having hope and opportunity given to them.

Do you need help with your addictions?

If you are an addict, go to The Salvation Amry or Teen Challenge. You will get the help you need: they are the best centers in the world and, since they are donor based, you don't need money or Rule 25 funding.

Do it now, before it takes over you. Just know that, as Mike says, "With God, all things are possible."

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Kinship Christian Radio: Mike Lindell's many dreams from God

Listen to how Mike's many dreams from God have shaped Mike's life in this inspiring report from Kinship Christian Radio.

MyPillow comes to Mike in a dream 

In 2005, while living as a crack cocaine addict, Mike says that God gave him one of the many dreams he would have in his life. That dream was the name “MyPillow”. Mike wrote that name all over the house. When his daughter came up and saw the MyPillow writing, she asked Mike what he was doing, to which Mike said: “I’m going to make this pillow and it is going to change the world.” His daughter simply replied, “That’s really random, Dad.” But Mike did invent that pillow after working almost 2 years, trying many things before he finally found the perfect foam, which Mike later patented.

Mike’s enthusiasm wasn’t met by the suppliers in stores, though, and Mike had a rough beginning. But then, a customer who ran the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show said that MyPillow was “a miracle that helped him sleep,” and offered Mike a booth, which proved to be a launching point for MyPillow.

Mike has a dream about an infomercial

God gave Mike another dream about an infomercial, which is the reason “why most people know Mike and MyPillow”. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 5 employees to 500 in 40 days. As Mike says, "It  was phenomenal, it was a miracle.”

Mike has a dream about $8 million in the bank

By the summer of 2014, MyPillow was within 2 days of going under. Mike then had a dream where he saw MyPillow having $8 million in the bank by the end of the year. Mike knew that this dream was from God also, so instead of shutting down, he built a new factory.

Mike surrenders to Jesus

Mike also met a woman during 2014 who had a relationship with Jesus that Mike wanted to have. So finally, on February 18, 2017, Mike did a full surrender to Jesus.

This has to be God

Mike had to meet President Trump and see all the miracles before Mike finally said, “Wow, here I am, friends with the President of the United States, this has to be God. This crack addict from Minnesota could not be put into this national position of helping the country, the President, and the inner cities without help from God.”

And Mike is now using the platform that God gave him to establish an addiction recovery network and to help fund a new pro-life film.

So, Mike is truly living his belief that, "With God, all things are possible".

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