Mike on Newsmax TV: “Police officer should have been arrested immediately” and Mike for Governor in 2022?

As Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly states in this interview, Mike has “a lot of good ideas,” or what Mike would say are “common-sense ideas” about how he would change the handling of the George Floyd killing and the consequential protests and riots.

For example, Mike heard that the governor is sending back some of the National Guard, which Mike likens to “having a thousand sandbags for a flood and only using 200.”

Mike calls the George Floyd killing a “horrific crime against humanity.” He goes on to say that “we now have cell phones, headcams, and cameras in the streets.” So, with the video that is created, “We now have probable cause so you can bring officers in just like normal citizens and hold them.” In fact, “in Minnesota, you can hold someone for 48 hours and decide whether to charge them or not.”

Then “you have to accelerate the investigation.” This, Mike says, “should have been done immediately, and all four officers should have been brought in and held.”

Mike “doesn’t know if the officers were even investigated.” And, “this is what everybody’s still upset about.” “Crimes by police officers don’t get charged right away, they don’t bring them in and hold them,” leading Mike to ask, “What if a police officer went out and killed more people?” For, if an officer can kill people “right in front of a camera, he will feel he can do anything.”

We have the technology now and “we need to charge and hold them accountable.” And “we have to change how our police are held accountable.” You “have bad apples in every profession,” so you should have rules in place, including “making it a felony” if an officer doesn’t report a crime by another officer. So if an officer doesn’t report a crime, “he goes to jail.”

Minneapolis stated that it “did the fastest investigation ever in four days to charge an officer.” Mike’s reaction is, “No, you should have charged him on the first day.”

“This was not a racist thing, this was four bad people, and they should have been brought in. That’s what the protests are about.” And, “If the police officers had been brought in right away, the protests could have been avoided.”

Also, the Governor of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Mayor “let them burn down the precinct” and let “chaos go wild.” And, “when they brought in the National Guard, they only brought in a few of them?” This is “absolutely not right.” Mike grew up in Minnesota and has “friends that lost their businesses downtown.”

Mike Lindell for Governor 2022?

Is Mike running for Governor of Minnesota in 2022? Mike says that he “keeps leaning towards running because he sees that we’ve lost common sense.”

“If I get it in prayer from God to run, I will.” Mike continues, “All the signs are there. We need to get things right.” As an example, Mike states that “even before the pandemic, Minneapolis had the highest black unemployment in the United States.” “We’re making so many mistakes in Minnesota that need to be fixed, and need to be fixed now.”

Mike’s comments prompted Greg Kelly to end the interview by saying, “Alright. Mike Lindell for Governor 2022! I think he’s running. I think you’re running. But, we’ll stay tuned.”

So, Mike’s story is “to be continued,” which has been the story of his life.

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