Mike Lindell on the Hannity show: supporting Trump, the Lindell Foundation & spreading hope

Mike Lindell on the Hannity show: supporting Trump, the Lindell Foundation & spreading hope

Mike promotes Trump and the economy, spreads his story of redemption, and promotes his amazing Lindell Foundation in this interview with Sean Hannity and Seb Gorka on the Sean Hannity show.

Mike’s spreading his story and supporting Trump around the country

Mike has been traveling the country extensively:

  • He was with Laura Trump last Friday at a Minnesota fundraiser for Doug Warlow for Minnesota Attorney General, Jeff Johnson for Minnesota Governor, Karen Housley for US Senate, and Jerry Jason Lewis for US Representative.
  • He was at the Pulse event, Together2018last Saturday night telling his story of redemption to 250,000 millennials at the Texas Motor Speedway. This event is one of many amazing Pulse events around the country where the goal is “a generation gathered to be trained, equipped, and commissioned to move closer to Jesus and the world around them..”
  • And Mike will be at the White House Wednesday with the President at a meeting on the opioid crisis.

Getting out the Republican vote

Mike says that with Trump, there are “all these good things that are still to come.”  And, what can you do to help President Trump? Mike says, “Pray for his wisdom, discernment, and protection.”

Plus, you can do more than pray. Get out and vote. Mike relates that when people voted for Trump in 2016, they voted based on faith that Trump would do well. Now, you have “absolute proof” of what Trump can accomplish.  Because, “Look at all the amazing things Trump has done. You should be able to go out and tell your friends and family and get everybody out to vote. If everybody gets out and votes, every state will turn red.” It will, as Mike says, “be awesome.”

Trump’s economy

How are Mike’s 1,700 employees and his MyPillow business doing now that Trump is president? Mike says, “Every day people ask me, when is your best day ever?” And he tells them, “It’s always today”.

For, what Mike sees in Minnesota now is confidence. Mike gave higher wages to his MyPillow employees. And, he is seeing wages rise all over Minnesota. Plus, unemployment is going down. In fact, “black unemployment in Minnesota is at a 17-year low.”

Mike’s Redemption Story and the Lindell Foundation

Mike has his own personal “come back” story, which, as Sean Hannity says, is probably “the most compelling personal redemption success stories I’ve ever heard in my life.” For, Mike had a crack cocaine addiction that was so bad that his dealers actually had an intervention for him in 2008.

The dealers said, “You know, you always tell us that your pillow is just a platform for God and that you are going to come back and help us. So we’re not going to let you die on us.”

And that’s all come to fruition now. Mike quit all his addictions on January 16, 2009, through prayer. And now, Mike has his Lindell Foundation where 100% of your donation goes to the actual need.

And, you can be part of this amazing story yourself by heading over to the Lindell Foundation right now, and contributing to the Pulse to help connect people to tools and the next steps to know Jesus, or to victims of Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence.