Mike Lindell says being at the State of the Union was “epic” in VB in the Middle interview

Mike Lindell says being at the State of the Union was "epic" in VB in the Middle interview

Michael Lindell was at the State of the Union address last Tuesday! As Mike told VB in the Middle, “it was an amazing night.” He was invited by Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California.

For Mike, his jet sliding off the runway is a good thing!

Mike was already going to DC, as he is speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast. Amazingly, Mike might not have received the last-minute invitation in time. But, his private jet slid off the runway, so Mike’s trip was delayed, And it was during this delay that Mike received the invitation to the State of the Union address. Who knew that having your jet slide off the runway was a good thing?

This was the start of 26 days of speaking engagements

And, the DC trip was the start of spending 26 days speaking in 12 different states at a variety of events, including speaking to 15,000 students at Liberty University. So, although he did have to scramble a bit, he did have the necessary clothing, etc., needed to go to a State of the Union address.

Mike: the State of the Union address was “epic”

Mike called the State of the Union address “epic,” “one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard”. Mike said that he went to the event with the expectation of “a great divide”. But, he said that he saw “total unification,” instead. For he saw that 70% of the time, the Democrats were clapping along with the Republicans.

Mike also saw Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Pence talking together, which Mike felt demonstrated an “amazing time of unity.” And that is “what the president is good at,” he is an “uniter”.  Plus, Mike says that Trump is “willing to compromise” and that he’s a “common sense” president who is “very pragmatic”.

As Mike says, “It was a night where politics was taken out of the speech”. Michael was praying that President Trump would talk about all the good things he’s done and where he’s going, with no negatives. And Mike feels that President Trump did a great job.

Although Mike did not get a chance to be with President Trump, Mike was able to be with Trump’s family and was actually with Donald Trump, Junior until 2 AM after the State of the Union address.

Mike’s continuing rags to riches story

Mike said that he felt “very blessed” to be at this event and that it was “everything he prayed it would be.” Mike still finds it “surreal,” though, that he would be able to attend a function like this, and that it is even more surreal that “people actually came up and wanted a picture with him.”

But, as Mike says, “God’s continues to work miracles in my life”.


Listen to the interview here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1179-vb-in-the-middle-30227525/episode/guest-mike-lindell-creator-of-my-pillow-30521804/