Mike Lindell Shares Testimony and Gets an Award at NRB Convention

Mike Lindell get NRB award

Mike Lindell shares his testimony and gets the Presidents Award at the National Religious Broadcasters’ (NRB) Media Leadership Dinner. Throughout his life, Mike has been helped by God, even before he found Christ, as he relates in this interview by Eric Metaxas at the NRB Media Leadership Dinner.


  • Mike, a crack cocaine addict before he found release from drugs through God, was able to give hope to his drug dealers before he became sober. As his dealer said back then, “You made a promise that you’d come back after you found Jesus or whatever — you would come back and help us all”. Now two of three of Mike’s drug dealers are Christians and work for Mike.
  • Along with his addictions, Mike faced business failure, losing his wife, losing his home, and a takeover of the MyPillow company. But, Mike persevered and was able to succeed due to miracles which, according to Mike, “don’t happen unless you have God, unless you have Jesus.”
  • Mike promised God that he would “do this platform thing you’ve got me”. So, true to his promise, Mike started the Lindell Foundation to help the drug dealers he dealt with and others in need. Through the foundation, 100% of the money given goes directly to needs, people get to pick what need they want to give to, and they hear back about how their money helped.
  • Mike also received NRB’s President’s Award – see http://nrb.org/news-room/articles/nrbt/nrb-honors-excellence-announces-75th-anniversary-celebration-plans-closing-gala/ While accepting the award, Mike said, “It’s not about the pillow anymore; it’s about Jesus.” Congratulations, Mike!

As Metaxas told Mike, “This is raw. This is beautiful. God [worked on] your life while you were a wreck and was operating on you while you were still on crack.”