Mike Lindell talks about his inspiring life at the Prestonwood Men’s Conference

Mike Lindell talks about his inspiring life at the Prestonwood Men's Conference

Fascinating interview from the Prestonwood Men’s Conference about how Mike overcame addictions and adversity to go on to be a true example of American success. Then, after that, Mike went on to use his “pillow platform” that God gave him to go on to help others.


  • Mike put everything he had into inventing the MyPillow. It wasn’t easy getting the pillow marketed, though. His first big turnaround was getting an invitation to be at the Minneapolis Home and Garden show, which was MyPillow’s first real success.
  • During the beginning years of MyPillow, Mike had a major crack cocaine addiction. He was finally able to quit his addictions through the power of prayer.
  • MyPillow then really took off through the now-famous infomercial, where MyPillow went from 10 to 500 employees in 40 days.
  • And now, Mike has met with President Trump on multiple occasions as a Made in America crusader, including sitting next to Trump at the White House.
  • Plus, Mike is using his “pillow platform” to help: other addicts with his Lindell Recovery Network™; entrepreneurs with his MyStore.com; and others in need through his Lindell Foundation.

And, Mike’s reaction to all of the above? “Show me more, Lord.”

Watch this fascinating interview at: http://prestonwoodmedia.org/t/2019-03-29_Mens_Conference_Mike_Lindell