Mike Lindell talks about his journey of transformation to America’s VoiceLive at the NRB

Mike Lindell talks about his journey of transformation to America's VoiceLive at the NRB

Mike is currently at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention where he talks to America’s VoiceLive about his “journey of transformation,” where he went from being a major drug addict to achieving the American dream:

  • Before stopping his addictions, Mike had a series of miracles in his life, including his drug dealers staging an intervention, and a fellow drug addict who had come clean visiting Mike out of the blue saying, “the Lord led me here”.
  • Then, on Jan 16, 2009, Mike finally decided that he didn’t want the door to close on his calling, so he prayed to God to be released from his addictions and, when he woke up the next morning, he finally had peace.
  • Mike is now able to spread his story of hope to others. For example, he was able to tell his inspiring story to 50,000 millennials at the US Bank stadium. And, he inspired them so much that months later they come up to him to tell him that “your story means so much to me.”

And now, Mike is not only spreading his story of hope to all, but he is also creating a platform of hope with his Lindell Recovery Network™ (LRN).  As Mike says, “LRN is a revolutionary platform I have been working on which will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

Because, as Mike says, “With God all things are possible,” And towards that, he wants to spread the word of Jesus, and give hope to all because, “everybody wants hope.”


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