Mike Lindell talks about the Lindell Recovery Network™ and President Trump on RI Red Radio

Mike Lindell on 990WBOB

Mike Lindell is dedicated to giving addicts a chance and he is still supporting President Trump, as detailed in this RI Red interview on 990WBOB.

Lindell Recovery Network™

Mike strongly believes that MyPillow is a platform for God. In fact, even when he was a crack cocaine addict, his dealers knew that he would come back and help them with their addictions through the MyPillow platform.

Towards that, Mike was at the White House when President Trump signed the Opioid Bill. He also is creating the Lindell Recovery Network™ (LRN), which “will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

President Trump

Mike is a strong supporter of President Trump. It started with a 2015 dream where he saw himself meeting Donald Trump. That was followed by a series of “Divine appointments” that led Mike to actually have a meeting with Trump at the Trump Tower on August 15, 2016. There, Mike and Trump talked about Christianity, products made in America, drug additions, and helping the inner cities. When Mike walked out of the meeting, Mike was sure that Trump “will be the best president in history.”

Based on what Mike has seen, he strongly feels that Trump was “anointed by God.” And, the MyPillow business has only grown because of his support of Trump and the improved economy.

As Mike says, “Everyone loves the president, some just don’t know it yet…God gave us a second chance on November 8, 2016, and it has been amazing.”