Mike Lindell talks to Mike Gallagher about his spirit, patriotism, entrepreneurship, and his platforms to help others

Mike Gallagher introduced Michael Lindell in this interview by saying, “he’s one of my favorite people in the world, I love his spirit, his patriotism, and his entrepreneurship.” In fact, Gallagher says that he’s “convinced that people buy products from you (Lindell) not only because they like the products, but because they like your story.”

Mike’s announcement

Mike starts the interview by announcing that he is a grandfather again! In fact, his son had a baby boy, and his daughter had her second child, a baby boy, 10 days apart!

Mike and President Trump

In the summer of 2015, Lindell had a dream from God that he would end up meeting Donald Trump in a room. Right after that, Trump announced he was running for president.

Remarkably, that meeting did come to fruition in the summer of 2016. As Lindell relates, he “walked into a private meeting and Trump said, “Mike you always wear your cross.” Lindell replied, “Mr. Trump, this is a Divine appointment today.” They then went on to talk about the inner-cities,  jobs, and about MyPillow. When Lindell finished the meeting, he said, “Wow, he’s going to be the greatest president in history.”

Lindell then talked to Trump’s employees and said it was like, “talking to my employees. They loved him, they backed him, they are loyal.” This was the moment that Lindell “went all-in” for Trump, despite people advising him against it, saying it could hurt the MyPillow business. But Lindell persisted, saying that he “didn’t get this far by not listening to God.” And now, Lindell and Trump have become friends, and Lindell was a speaker at several of Trump’s rallies.

Lindell also attended the Made America White House Summit a couple of years ago and found that the White House had actually placed him right next to President Trump.  When Mike’s ex-crack addict friends saw that on TV, they said, “What, an ex-crack addict sitting next to the President? Jesus must be real.”

Later, the President gave Lindell a shout-out at a Republican rally, saying that he has a “couple of MyPillows and they’re very good. I’ve slept so much better ever since.”

Lindell goes on to say that Trump is the “most pragmatic, common sense person we’ve ever had in charge. And, now, he’s getting everything done: promises kept.”

So Mike is going to go all-in over the next year and a half. His goal will be to make sure that Trump is reelected by doing everything he can to get the people of Minnesota to understand the great things that are getting done by Trump. This message includes the fact that “unemployment is at an all-time low in Minnesota, including black and Hispanic unemployment.”

“Minnesotans are noticing,” says Lindell, and he predicts that Trump will win in Minnesota. For, he said, “before, people voted for Trump on faith, and now they have proof.” Personally, Lindell says that MyPillow’s best day ever is today.” So, he tells other entrepreneurs, “you better get on board and get engaged because your business will just go up and up.”


Lindell went on to talk about his new MyStore.com. Mike’s goal is to offer a platform that will help entrepreneurs.  Lindell found that “You get your product up on Amazon and they copy your product, they buy your AdWords crookedly, and you can’t get in the box stores.”

So Lindell created the MyStore.com platform where products will be vetted to ensure the products help people physically, mentally, in their faith, or help the entrepreneurs themselves. They will then have a platform that will help them get their products to market.

So, if you have an invention that you think the world could benefit from, go to MyStore.com.

What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO

Lindell has a book called What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO. This book is Lindell’s story of hope which details how he went from a crack addict to where he is now. You can buy it now at MyStore.com. Not only will you have an inspirational read, but you will also help addicts since the proceeds of the book will help launch the Lindell Recovery Network™.

Lindell Recovery Network™

Lindell is creating the Lindell Recovery Network™ (LRN) to give addicts the tools they need to become clean and sober. As Mike says, “LRN is a revolutionary platform I have been working on which will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

As Mike says: I think people need hope and God’s given me a big platform of Hope. This platform is going to give others hope. We’re going to beat addictions and the horrible things that are going on with the opiates and all, and we’re going to wipe it all out in the next six years.