Mike Lindell to launch nationwide network to combat drug addiction

Mike Lindell at Liberty University - 2019

As this article from The Epoch Times states, “Mike Lindell’s story is about the ripple effect. It’s a story about an insomniac who had a bout of Divine inspiration in a dream, leading to the multimillion-dollar MyPillow empire.” What is more amazing is that Mike achieved this incredible success while overcoming his drug addictions.

And now that ripple effect is coming full circle, as Mike is taking all he knows about drug addictions and success and turning his experiences into the Lindell Recovery Network™, a nationwide network to help addicts combat drug addiction. As Mike puts it, this will be a network that “is a revolutionary platform which will set people free from addiction once and for all.”

As Mike says, “I’m still getting emails from people going, ‘I quit. You gave me hope.’ For a lot of people, all they need is hope. All I’m doing is getting this on a massive scale and very quickly.”